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Great Schiff Coverage - News 8

great news coverage of Schiff - News 8 New Haven:


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won't play 4 me

tried explorer & chrome.

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It is so aggravating that most

voters remain willfully ignorant.

where have you been?

I miss chatting with you.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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Thanks, mostly I have time only to read

since a near-total catastrophe in my family. My youngest child at 22 was hit by a car and sustained a severe head injury that has impacted so many levels. My time now is as caretaker, guardian, trying to keep therapy going after medical expenses wiped out what I'd once thought were solid cushions for future needs.

I found out there is no way to fully prepare for sudden major health loss. We are sustained by caring friends, amazing kindness from nearly everyone we meet, and our own foundations of rational ethics and personal responsibility. In the end those are the only true preparations against disaster.