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Soros - China Must Be Part Of The New World Order

Soros - China Must Be Part Of The New World Order


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good ols Soros... does anyone

good ol Soros... does anyone here remember that oil thread by jzneff.. remember in that post how jzneff told us what a great american ol boy soros was.. some of you who claim to be enlightened intellectuals better check what you have been (brainwashed) enlightened about. Soros is a one world government Luciferian.. he has nothing good to offer this world, And is an enemy to freedom and liberty.

China, Part of it?

My understanding is that China is THE model for the New World Order i.e. Total oligarchic control of everyone and everything.

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

the NWO is/has come apart at the seams

But these ghouls are so delusional, they'll have to learn it the hard way.
Most will probably be "educated" by their own servants.

the most recent evidence that the NWO is dead

Parish official: BP shipped in workers for president's visit:

A few years ago, CNN would have *never* covered this.
They are turning on each other.

Managed Decline in the Dollar

Time 10:07

"There will be a slow decline in the value of the Dollar, a managed decline." - George Soros, Financial Times, October 23 2009

Know thy enemy!

These so-called "elite" are

These so-called "elite" are completely open about their agenda to create a new phony global control grid... They think they've got everything under control but thankfully I don't think they know what's coming...

The world will reject their new global political, economic and monetary order. The world's money supply will no longer be monopolized by central bankers and/or their buddies in government.

I truly believe that after the global collapse, people will no longer have any confidence in governments and government monopolies anymore. We will naturally revert to a peaceful and voluntary global system of choices and competition.

I think this is inevitable and I'm looking forward to it.

I disagree, but I like your optimism

What will you do when the banks close, the power is cut off and the supermarkets are empty and deserted?

The NWO plays hardball. Won't be pretty. But, later, maybe by late 2012 or 2013, things may improve, but it's impossible to know whether the NWO will have any clout at that point.

Thats' when we send in our 'people's special forces' to

hunt and arrest each of these vermin. Our very own 'Oathkeepers' could coordinate this.

They should all be presented to the public as the miscreants that they are. Their assets frozen world wide and used to pay down the 'debt' they created on our children's heads.

The rest of their miserable lives ought to be spent in humble service to others under extreme supervision while their legs are attached to balls and chains.

The arrogance and sheer gall. We ought to be grateful to this one for ratting on their plans!

Just wait and see Mr.Soros whats coming to your NWO. Nature's God will never allow you to have your way.

That's where I'm heading!

In case they manage to hold things together, I'm not playing, as soon as I can disengage.

Free includes debt-free!

China and the NWO

I haven't seen the video (yet) but, on the face of it, Soros will have his hands full. He is of course connected to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and is a formidable presence.

That said, the Chinese are very obstinate and self-absorbed people. They know the importance of trade with the West, so that could be a point of leverage.

We live in interesting times.