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Ha! NPR asks "Have We Made Contact?"... 30 years later

About 30 years too late. Everybody knows Kissingers' idea to scare the people with alien invasion. This is about the Wow! message.

When something truly startling happens, people say: "OMG!" or the dreaded, "Awesome!" But when Jerry Ehman sat at his kitchen table on Aug. 18, 1977, and saw six numbers and letters on the computer printout in front of him — six symbols that have become one of the grandest riddles in modern science — he chose the simplest expression of all. He took a red pen, circled the letters and then wrote:
The word "Wow!" is scrawled in red next to a row of numbers on a computer printout

When Jerry Ehman wrote that three-letter word, "wow," he was a professor at Ohio State University volunteering with SETI, the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. Every few days, a messenger would bike over from "The Big Ear," Ohio State's giant radio telescope in Delaware, Ohio, and hand Jerry computer records of sounds coming in from deep space. If something surprising popped up, he was to notify the other SETI folks.
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