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EPA and Coast Guard approved Gulf oil solution bring ignored

KWTX CBS News Anchor demonstrates Peat Sorb rendering toxic oil harmless by drinking the formerly toxic water.

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Also I shared this at another site while giving credit to OP...

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This is kinda directed at BugMan (or anyone else who may know)

From what I could see, this top kill mud went through the pipe and emerged out with the oil (failing to do its job of pushing the oil back). If Im to understand that all top kill was able to do was mix the "mud" with the oil as it spewed from the pipe, would it not be a good idea to run some of the non-toxic/ lower toxic dispersants instead of the mud? Maybe park a tanker above the well and suck the resulting suspended oil mass as it forms at the source after itself being mixed with the spewing oil? Would they not then be dealing with a slower, heavier mass that would be easier to siphon up and into a waiting tanker?

The 'top kill' mud...

was not intended to mix with the oil/gas coming out. The top kill mud was a very dense fluid that, if you could get enough into the well, would be so heavy that it would hold down the pressure and kill the blowout. It is like a liquid "plug". Dense drilling fluid is always used in normal drilling operations to control the geological pressures... which are always a problem in drilling at high depths.

The issues of dispersants are out of my league, but I'd think that any kind of dispersant would make the oil harder to collect... by design it keeps the oil from sticking together in a mass.

Sorry, not much help...

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

So the pressure of the well

is why they can't plug it?

If the issue of dispersant are out of your league...why did you keep rebutting what I posted on a different thread about Corexit 9500 which is what BP is using?

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If the top kill mud is so heavy why is it shooting straight up.

This I dont understand.

when I throw a rock in a mud puddle the dirty cloud engulfs the area where the rock hits the bottom.

yet all material from that broken pipe is going straight up, the cloud is not settling locally around the pipe, not even a little bit.

I would expect the water to be at least a little bit cloudy around the affected area given how much material has exited... Tens of millions of gallons and no murky water. Hmmm.


"why is it shooting straight up."

good questions... the mud is being pumped at a high rate, so it's squirting out like water out of a split garden hose.

They can't get enough pumped down the well in order to overcome the pressures.

I don't know why it's not settling down after coming out of the riser.. good question!

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Maybe the well is deeper then 18,000 feet

just a guess...I'm just a kid....

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

thanks sharsteve for this

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