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Information Warfare - USAF

The military cannot wait for public opinion to consolidate into a rational course of action. It must act per its political master and public opinion must follow. Therefore, the military must convince the masses that its intentions are legitimate and good and its actions are correct, in war and in peace. Recommendation: PA should channel and shape public opinion, using propaganda techniques short of disinformation, with the altruistic goal of bolstering national will to achieve victory in war.

Although this paper has used the correct terminology “propaganda” throughout, the negative connotations the word provokes may prevent a logical analysis of the issues when evaluating the PA role in IW. Recommendation: Change the terminology to “news management” to remove some of the emotional baggage associated with the word “propaganda.”

School of Advanced Airpower Studies
June 1996


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for discussion.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Horrifying and fascinating in equal measure.

The document was written in 1996. Hence all the references to the "fictive universe" of CNN. The internet boom took off around year 2000. Youtube was created in 2005. I'm itching to know what the military are saying about the new media.

They're trying to control the Internet now.

With a new $55,000,000,000 agency.

US appoints Cyber Warfare General

30,000 USAF personnel for internet psy-ops?

Yikes...no wonder there are so many trolls out there!

Thanks for posting.

I've downloaded that PDF for some close reading later on.

People often forget that the regular Army, Navy and Air Force are engaged in counter-intelligence against the civilian population.

I had to smile at the author's suggestion to substitute the phrase "news management" for "propaganda". The politicians call it "spin". The rest of us call it "lying" and "dissembling".