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The arsonist puts out the fire

It has now been over one month since the Deepwater Horizon oil rig catastrophe began. We have been left with profound uncertainty as to the future of our coastal life, the health of the Gulf of Mexico and the struggle to maintain our way of life and economy. Times like these allow our leaders to step up and lead us through the process of solving the problem. Regrettably, there has been very little such leadership as this event has unfolded.
I am left to ponder the fact that under Florida Statute 403.161, anybody who would deposit their automobile’s motor oil in the Gulf of Mexico would be subject to penalties as serious as a third degree felony, with fines of more than $50,000 and the possibility of imprisonment for five years, or both.
Here we have a foreign corporation that has already poisoned 20 percent of the Gulf of Mexico, and one is left to wonder whether those who allowed the unconscionable lease rights at this depth without having adequate safeguards in place, and whether those representatives of the company who gambled with our future, our economy and our natural resource, will be held criminally responsible for their dereliction of duty and malfeasance.
We have also been left to witness the failure of our federal government to lead. At a national level, we should galvanize the greatest minds from the best universities and have the best engineers and technical people in the world gathered to assist BP to fix this leaking well. We should have reached out immediately to any country and any resource to assist in the containment and fix of the leak. Instead, we left BP to its own devices, the same company who so carelessly gambled away the Gulf of Mexico. The arsonist was put in charge of extinguishing the fire.

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