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How Christian is the Tea Party Libertarianism - Huffington Post

I really look forward to reading comments on this one.

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Epic HuffPo Fail.

Telling non-belivers that Libertarian politics is "not christian" might elicit a wry smile.

Telling professing Christians that Libertarian politics is "not christian" won't make them change their political views one way or the other.

The big lie in this article is that government welfare = charity.

The country is 74% Christain.

Therefore you would expect them to make up the same percentage of any grassroots movement!

74% Christian, 74% Patriotic, 74% Involved - NOT!

When I look around America today, and then look in the Bible, I'd have to disagree that our country is 74% Christian. I think that there are lots of people who call themselves "Christian" because they "try to live a good life". But that's not what qualifies one to be called "Christian".

Jesus (Christ)ian said, that unless a man be "born again" he shall not see the kingdom of Heaven. According to the Bible, unless you do this, you will NOT make it any other way (Jesus also said, in John 14:6, that "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.")

Professing faith in Jesus to take your sin away is what qualifies one to be called a "Christian". That said, there are those who are "saved" by Jesus, but then continue to live in the flesh. They are carnal Christians. There are those that are saved, who by transforming of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, actually walk "in the Spirit" and can overcome (or get through) the many challenges of life.

I believe you can draw many parallels here between religion and politics (both divide and steer people away from the truth). The main point of the Bible is pretty darn simple. God loved us so much he sent his Son to die for us. The main point of the Constitution is also pretty darn simple. God made us with the innate desire to be free, and our Founders knew, and were able to express this in that document.

Many people are religious, but not truly activated through the power of God's working in their lives. Many people are "patriotic flag-wavers", but lack the true understanding of what was sacrificed on their behalf, to get those freedoms. Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross so we could have ultimate freedom from the eternal effects of sin in our lives; our soldiers shed their blood to protect my right to share the Gospel with you, and your right to accept, or reject what Jesus has done for you and I.

When you boil it all down, there will be NO denominations in Heaven - just saved believers. And there should be NO parties in Washington - just representatives who will TRULY follow the founding documents that are supposed to rule our land.

In closing, I heard Ron Paul, in person, make this simple, profound, and true statement. A Republic will not survive without two things - personal responsibility, and morality - two predominant precepts of the Bible. I've come to the conclusion that that Bible and the Constitution share an essential connection. That connection is that the Bible is the "power pack" or the batteries of the Constitution. Without that connection, the Constitution is power-less, and will fail, regardless of what we do here on Daily Paul or in the liberty movement.

I love all you true patriots, for you are truth-seekers. I pray that my God will illuminate your path as you push on to discover, and uncover, the TRUTH that will truly set you free. God Bless.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Your point of view has been brought up and

debated many times on the DP and elsewhere. I was responding to the blanket accusations from the Huffington post where they where labeling in general terms. However, if you will look up the stats, 74% of the people in the US do claim Christainity as their religion. Fortunately, neither you nor I have the responsibility or wisdom to declare who is in or out!

Right on Waldo

And what is with the white racial sler coming from this article ?
Who even cares about race at this point in time, except those who exploit the issue.

Completely agree!

Seems to me we have slipped into the reverse discrimination mode and people are getting fed up with this crap. I stood up for racial equality for decades but now feel like the whole issue is being exploited and perverted. Is it just me or am I feeling the pedilum beginning to swing!

Christ & Christians are not

commited to social justice..They are commited to LOVE & expressions of that LOVE..It is not what enters a man that defiles , but rather that which comes out of a man..

This is the reason a mind & heart, (soul & center of being), needs the change..These items have been compromised..
These two ideals are in direct conflict as prophesy predicts in the Revelation...
Christ vs anti-christ.

In whom do you trust, as the NWO seeks to destroy your trust in all that is traditional..
Can't trust the banks, can't trust the gov't, can't trust businesses, can't trust religion, who can you trust? Yourself?
This is the very reason the individual must be FORCED by others with a HUMAN endever..Forced TRUST, because THEY know what's best for you..HA!

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That was a boring, stupid article by

an ignorant man. I left a comment for the muddle-heads to chew on, explaining basic principles and the irrelevance of religion.

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Hmm, my comment was civil, though

not complimentary to the author. Should I be surprised it was not posted?

Hmm... whichever philosophy

relies the most on the use of force, I'm not gonna' bet my soul on that one.

Defend Liberty!

Wallis no Christian

Jim Wallis is no more a Christian than I'm the pope. He's a socialist masquerading as a Christian. I can't see his heart, but I suspect Jesus will be telling him He never knew him.

Bill Anderson has written a lot about Wallis on the Rockwell website. (Gary North a bit, too.)

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

I am an Asian American male,

I am an Asian American male, late 20's, an Agnostic and a Libertarian. Am I still a racist?

Finally HOME! For Good!
I am an Oath Keeper
I am an Agnostic
I am a father and I want my children to know true freedom in their lifetime.

That's a toughie

I think it depends on how privileged you look and how guilty you feel about that.

Defend Liberty!

LOL.. What a Hoot!

What a Hoot!

Huffington Post

I was unable to read the whole thing. I got lost when he made the comment about taxes. Poor man doesn't know our taxes go to service our the interest on our debt from the fake money we have to borrow from the FED. End the Fed. I want these people to get informed and honest about what is going on, While this is being debated our country is ending. God Bless all of us.

my god i hate reading

my god i hate reading the blatant ignorance coming from reader opinions who cant even properly identify what form of government they live under.

i honestly could care less about the implications of the original article, except for that of the last paragraph/point stated.

If its true that the 'liberty movement' is largely concentrated within a certain race and sex and even age range, in what perverse logic does that identify or even suggest racism? Its called a demographic. Readers who purchase magazines like Elle which fall largely under female consumers under a certain age and perhaps race be deemed racist for supporting the magazine? How about early tech adopters who may have a rather similar demographic to the tea party demographic. are they racist too?

So we look at one of the tea party demonstrations and we say 'where are all the black people' in order to make this movement diverse enough to be worthy of notice?

Well said IR8

thank you!

Nothing new here...

Just more stereotyping by the MSM, libertarians are mostly white and racist. And you are right, in most of the comments the sheeple are following right along.

Rand Paul 2016 for Peace

Huffpo has an unfortunate

Huffpo has an unfortunate ultra-liberal audience. I still read them from time to time, but I have to avoid the comments... they'll make your eyes bleed if you try to read them too long.

Huffpo has really taken the

Huffpo has really taken the "politics is an organization of hatreds" dogma to heart. How can we demonize libertarianism to liberals? Call it Christian and associate it with the tea party.

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