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Must See: Hip Hopper Defends Ron and Rand Paul

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Here's Mobb Deep talking about Ron Paul in 2008


To paraphrase Ice Cube: "Life ain't nothing but bitches and monetary policy."

Boy is that refreshing!

I hope this a trend in the making.

Hip Hopper?

I didn't see him hop around once. This is a misleading title. I thought I was going to see someone hopping around like a rabbit. Das Wack!!

He did make the most excellent point of if a business owner was stupid enough to put a discriminatory sign in his window, that he would be committing "business suicide".

I was kind of hopping...ehem...hoping that Rand would make this point, but I understand he was practically delirious from the campaign, and was being ambushed by Rachel "whackass" Maddow. You feel me?

another good points was...

that if the owner hated him and let him in, he was going to spit in Paco's food!



very nice

ten revolution videos playing in a row!
- I'm lazy - I like it!



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Front Page Please!

I don't know if people know how hard it is to get on camera and express their thoughts. I don't because I have never really tried, but I have watched amature youtube clips like this where you can tell the person has a lot in their head, but can't spit it out. This Guy laid it down! That was beautiful!

That was great


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This youngster is a clear thinker,

far wiser than many of his generation -- and wiser than many of his elders too.

That was good,

language a bit strong, but I have my moments...

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

This is excellent

and hope it makes front page.

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Paco - Wise Enough


REVOLUTION - Revolution Mixtape Series Vol. 1 - Paco


I've never even heard that one before and it is definitely one of the best Ron Paul rap songs out there.

Never heard it either...weird

I've only heard of Roy Shiver and King Solomon's killer track.


VERY catchy - can't believe I never heard it!


ya that track is hot.

It's always refreshing

to see the younger generation get hip to what is actually going on in the world and actually caring about their futures....bravo....

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this guy is amazing

great video.

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a real pleasure!

actually, I could see this front page ...

This young hip hopper shows more *crystal* clear clarity and common sense than all the blowhards on MSNBC put together.

... wipes the floor with these racist media hacks and breaks it all down in 7 minutes flat ...