Memorial Day Phone Bomb for Adam Kokesh

Adam Kokesh has a serious chance in his primary race for New Mexico's 3rd district GOP nomination for U.S. Congress, and a final burst of grassroots support could secure that nomination. The primary is June 1st, the day after this phone bomb, so it's now or possibly never. Many people do not make up their minds until the days prior to the election, so the time is right for this type of voter outreach.

1st - Sign up at early as there is an activation process that takes a little time.

2nd - Spread this link around with info about the phone bomb

3rd - Once your account is activated, read through the script until you are comfortable with it. The website does a good job of explaining how to have a positive impact on voters. is the place for Adam's platform on other issues not in the script.

Calls to voters can, and hopefully, will be made all day from 9 AM to 9 PM MST.

If you cannot make calls, please consider donating at

There is an event on facebook which can be found here:

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