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2010 AIPAC Contributions of Congress

2010 AIPAC Contributions of Congress

This is THE most current list.
I received this in an email from a RA at www.wrmea.org.
It is not on the website yet.
The format is messed up. I fixed it as best I could.

2010 Pro-Israel PAC Contributions
April 26, 2010

May - June, 2010

Election Watch


State Office Candidate Party Status
2009 Contribution Career Total Committees

S Shelby, Richard C.* R I 5,000 199,825 A (D, HS)

H Bright, Bobby N., Sr. D I 2,500 8,500 AS

H Rogers, Michael R I 2,500 18,325 AS, HS, I

H Parker, Wayne, Jr. R I 2,500 7,500

H Bachus, Spencer R I 2,500 17,000

S Murkowski, Lisa* R I 7,500 61,100 A (HS)

S McCain, John* R I 2,000 177,500 AS, HS, I

H Kirkpatrick, Ann D I 2,000 5,000 HS

H Mitchell, Harry E. D I 2,000 8,000

H Giffords, Gabrielle D I 7,500 38,224 AS, FR

S Lincoln, Blanche* D I 18,500 62,027

S Boxer, Barbara* D I 11,000 239,794 C, FR (NE)

H Pelosi, Nancy D I 11,500 114,300 Speaker of the House

H McNerney, Jerry D I 2,000 15,000 C

H Sherman, Brad D I 4,000 63,930 FR (NE)

H Berman, Howard D I 12,000 101,050 FR

H Schiff, Adam D I 3,500 62,917 A (FO), I

H Becerra, Xavier D I 1,000 3,000 B, W

H Cedillo, Gilbert D O 2,000 2,000

H Watson, Diane E. D N 1,000 13,500 FR

H Harman, Jane D I 3,000 106,771 C, HS

H Sanchez, Loretta D I 4,000 55,200 AS, HS

H Tran, Van R C 1,000 1,000

H Filner, Bob D I 1,000 91,514

S Udall, Mark E. D I 1,000 48,250 AS

H Markey, Elizabeth H. D I 2,000 9,100

S Dodd, Christopher* D N 13,000 247,178 FR (NE)

S Lieberman, Joseph Ind. I 1,500 367,851 AS, HS

S Carper, Thomas D I 1,000 37,600 HS

S Meek, Kendrick*# D O 5,000 26,500 W

H Boyd, F. Allen, Jr. D I 5,000 14,700 A (D), B

H Stearns, Clifford B. R I 3,000 13,500 C

H Grayson, Alan Mark D I 3,000 5,000

H Posey, Bill R I 1,000 1,000

H Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana R I 36,500 200,240 FR

H Deutch, Theodore D O 1,000 1,000

H Wexler, Robert D N 500 33,750

H Wasserman Schultz, Debbie D I 5,500 37,300

H Diaz-Balart, Lincoln R N 500 58,000

H Klein, Ron D I 7,500 55,024 FR (NE)

H Hastings, Alcee D I 15,000 85,850 I

H Kosmas, Suzanne D I 2,000 4,000

S Isakson, Johnny* R I 16,000 41,500 C, FR (NE)

H Price, Thomas E. R I 1,000 2,000

H Barrow, John J. D I 500 49,074 C

S Inouye, Daniel K.* D I 49,000 254,425 A (D, FO, HS), C

Minnick, Walter C. D I 500 3,500

S Kirk, Mark S.*# R O 42,604 263,686 A (FO, HS)

H Lipinski, Daniel W. D I -750 4,900

H Feigenholtz, Sara D C 2,000 2,000

H Schakowsky, Janice D. D I 1,145 31,145 C, I

H Halvorson, Deborah D I 3,000 13,500

H Biggert, Judy R I 3,000 13,227

H Foster, G. William (Bill) D I 1,500 6,500

H Hare, Philip G. D I 2,500 13,650

H Schock, Aaron J. R I 2,500 9,000

S Bayh, Evan* D N 29,000 113,250 AS

H Burton, Dan L. R I 15,000 135,500 FR (NE)

H Pence, Mike R I 14,500 72,250 FR

H Hill, Baron P. D I 3,500 37,465 C

S Grassley, Charles E.* R I 8,500 149,823 B

S Moran, Jerry*# R O 3,500 3,500

S Bunning, Jim* R N 10,940 100,690 B
S Grayson, C.M. (Trey)* R O 2,500 2,500

S Vitter, David* R I 25,500 67,000 AS, C

S Landrieu, Mary D I -1,000 205,389 A (FO, HS), HS

H Scalise, Steve R I 4,500 14,500 C

H Cao, Anh (Joseph) R I 5,000 5,000 HS

H Fleming, John C., Jr. R I 2,500 5,000 AS

H Alexander, Rodney R I 2,500 13,500 A

H Cassidy, William R I 2,500 2,500

S Collins, Susan R I 1,000 109,000 A, AS, HS

H Michaud, Michael H. D I 1,500 11,750

S Mikulski, Barbara* D I 21,000 198,599 A (D, FO, HS), I

H Edwards, Donna D I 2,500 3,500

H Hoyer, Steny H. D I 21,000 214,275 House Majority Ldr.

H Cummings, Elijah D I 2,000 22,500

S Coakley, Martha† D O 12,000 12,000

H Schauer, Mark H. D I 2,000 6,500

H Peters, Gary D I 4,500 11,500

H McCotter, Thaddeus G. R I 1,000 13,500

H Levin, Sander M. D I 1,000 129,727 W

S Franken, Al D I 3,000 5,680

H Kline, John P. R I 3,000 17,500 AS

S Blunt, Roy*# R O 18,000 63,850 C, I

S Carnahan, Robin* D O 5,000 5,000

H Carnahan, Russ D I 2,500 18,600 FR (NE)

H Skelton, Ike D I 4,000 92,450 AS

S Burns, Conrad R N -1,000 210,210

S Reid, Harry* D I 54,000 374,301 I

H Berkley, Shelley D I 19,500 309,555 FR (NE), W

New Hampshire
S Ayotte, Kelly A* R O 5,000 5,000

S Hodes, Paul W.*# D O 10,500 32,137

H Shea-Porter, Carol D I 2,000 4,000 AS

New Jersey
S Lautenberg, Frank R. D I 1,000 503,578 A (FO, HS), C

H Andrews, Robert D I 10,500 73,525 AS, B

H LoBiondo, Frank A. R I 2,000 24,750 AS

H Adler, John H. D I 4,000 7,000

H Lance, Leonard R I 2,000 7,000

H Rothman, Steven R. D I 3,500 77,003 A (D, FO, HS)

H Sires, Albio D I 1,000 1,000 FR

New Mexico
H Heinrich, Martin D I 4,000 9,000 AS

H Teague, Harry D I 2,000 4,000

New York
S Gillibrand, Kirsten*† D I 10,200 26,450 FR

S Schumer, Charles* D I 6,000 63,635

H Israel, Steve D I 10,500 49,059 A (FO)

H King, Peter T. R I 1,000 26,500 HS, I

H Ackerman, Gary L. D I 3,850 54,350 FR (NE)

H Crowley, Joseph D I 1,000 94,657 FR (NE), W

H McMahon, Michael E. D I 4,000 6,000 FR (NE)

H 17 Engel, Eliot D I 7,000 242,418 C, FR (NE)

H 1Lowey, Nita M. D I 5,500 154,738 A (HS)

H Murphy, Scott M. D I 5,250 5,250 AS

H Tedisco, James† R O 2,500 2,500

H Owens, William D I 5,000 5,000 AS, HS

H Scozzafava, Dierdre K.† R N 1,500 1,500

H Arcuri, Michael A. D I 4,000 16,000

H Massa, Eric J.J. D N 10 11,110 AS, HS

North Carolina
S Burr, Richard* R I 2,500 13,250 AS, I

North Dakota
S Dorgan, Byron L.* D N 47,000 186,350 A (D), C

S Fisher, Lee Irwin* D O 5,000 5,000

H Chabot, Steve R C 3,000 16,500

H Driehaus, Steven L. D I 2,000 4,000

H Boehner, John R I 14,500 71,500 House Rep. Ldr.

H Sutton, Betty S. D I 1,000 8,000 C

H LaTourette, Steve C. R I 1,000 25,500 A

H Kilroy, Mary Jo D I 1,012 11,012 HS

H Stivers, Steve E. R C -1,000 5,000

H Boccieri, John A. D I 1,000 3,000

S Wyden, Ron* D I 41,500 319,062 B, I

S Merkley, Jeffrey Alan D I 12,500 21,600 B

S Sestak, Joseph A., Jr.*# D C 500 22,500 AS

S Specter, Arlen* D I 36,500 539,973 A(D,FO,HS)

Toomey, Patrick J.* R C 2,500 3,250

H Dahlkemper, Kathleen D I 2,000 4,000

H Cohen, Howard A. R C 1,000 1,000

H Pike, Douglas A. D C 1,000 1,000

H Murphy, Patrick J. D I 4,000 22,600 AS, I

H Schwartz, Allyson Y. D I 500 44,650 B, W

H Dent, Charles W. R I 1,000 9,250 HS

South Carolina
S DeMint, Jim* R I 3,720 28,220 C, FR

South Dakota
S Thune, John* R I 26,500 40,730 AS, C

H Cohen, Steve I. D I 2,000 19,000

H Reyes, Silvestre D I 21,000 22,000 AS, I

H Rodriguez, Ciro D. D I 3,500 14,500 A (HS)

S Bennett, Robert* R I 34,000 133,250 A (D, FO), HS

H Chaffetz, Jason R I 2,000 2,000

S Leahy, Patrick* D I 16,711 134,911 A (D, FO, HS)

S Warner, Mark R. D I -4,000 36,500 B, C

H Nye, Glenn Carlyle, III D I 4,000 4,000 AS

H Perriello, Thomas S. D I 2,500 3,500

H Cantor, Eric R I 24,500 200,730 W

H Connolly, Gerry D I 2,000 5,000 B, FR (NE)

S Murray, Patty* D I 19,000 182,293 A (D, HS), B

S Feingold, Russell D.* D I 38,000 182,310 B, FR (NE), I

H Obey, David R. D I 1,000 161,600 A

H Kagen, Steven L. D I 2,000 22,500

2009 Total Contributions: $ 1,139,692

Total Contributions (1978-2009): $48,989,535

Total No. of Recipients (1978-2009): 2,198

KEY: The "Career Total" column represents the total amount of pro-Israel PAC money received from Jan. 1, 1978 through July 31, 2008.

H=House of Representatives.
D=Democrat, R=Republican, Ref=Reform,
DFL=Democratic Farmers Labor,
Status: C=Challenger, I=Incumbent, N=Not Running, O=Open Seat (no incumbent). *=Senate election year, #=House member running for Senate seat, †=Special Election.
Committees: A=Appropriations (D=Defense subcommittee, FO=Foreign Operations subcommittee, HS=Homeland Security, NS=National Security subcommittee), AS=Armed Services, B=Budget, C=Commerce, FR=Foreign Relations (NE=Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs subcommittee), HS=Homeland Security, I=Intelligence, IR=International Relations, NS=National Security, W=Ways and Means.
"-" indicates money returned by candidate,
"0" that all money received was returned,
"[]" = independent expenditures on behalf of candidate (not included in candidate totals).

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They steal (tax) our money

They steal (tax) our money from us.
Give our money to Israel.
Israel buys their votes with our own money.
Repeat cycle.

Will any of these whores give the money back now that the world sees what the money buys?

Did I miss something?

Didn't see anyone from Oklahoma on there, that can't be right.



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