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The Southern Avenger - Forgetting the Troops

southernavenger — May 31, 2010 — America's reluctance to examine the plight of POWs in Vietnam reflects its reluctance to examine foreign policy in general.

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Thanks for posting. The

Thanks for posting. The Southern Avenger is becoming one of my favorite voices out in the internet universe. He is a wielder of truth.

If true, this angers me to my core. Those responsible should receive a public flogging and utter humiliation.

I'm going to read the accompanying report from the nation institute- thanks Ronpaulholic.

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Bring the Troops home.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.


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Thank you for posting Cyndezu.

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bump very good piece

bump very good piece

A neighbor flew the POW-MIA flag.

A neighbor moved in to spend his last days and flew the POW-MIA flag.

"The Pentagon Papers" uncovers many truths about Vietnam hidden by our leaders, but exposed by whistle-blower, Daniel Ellsburg.

Read it and weep.

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McCain and the POW Cover-up

The treatment our troops have gotten historically has been deplorable, but McCain's involvement in covering up information about POWs is sickening to me. No one would call this guy a hero if they knew the truth.