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Ron Paul Boston Tea Party Press Release

Boston, Massachusetts
December 10, 2007 401-222-0659

Ron Paul Supporters Threatening to Detonate “Money Bomb” in Boston

Rally in support of presidential candidate Ron Paul scheduled for anniversary of historic Boston Tea Party

Hundreds of Ron Paul supporters are expected to peacefully converge in downtown Boston on Sunday, December 16th at 1:00pm on the State House steps for what is anticipated to be the largest one day fundraiser for a presidential candidate – ever.

The event, dubbed The BostonTeaParty07, will coincide with the 234th anniversary of the famous Boston Tea Party of 1773 which is widely recognized as helping to spark the American Revolution.

The event in Boston on December 16th also corresponds to the second planned “Money Bomb” that Paul’s supporters have organized independent of his official campaign.

Supporters of the ten term congressman will begin the rally at 1:00pm on the State House steps and walk the Freedom Trail to Faneuil Hall where the doors will open at 2:30.

Inside Faneuil Hall banks of computers will be set up ready to securely process online donations made directly to Ron Paul’s official campaign site. Tea will be served while participants listen to lectures from prominent figures regarding the historical significance of the Boston Tea Party, the origins of The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as commentary on current events. Dr. Rand Paul, the candidate’s son, is also slated to speak.

Ron Paul stands apart from the other GOP presidential contenders by vigorously opposing the war in Iraq. Citing the Constitution as his guide, Paul opposes law enforcement or anti-terrorism measures that encroach on civil liberties. His views on small government extend to eliminating the IRS and The Federal Reserve. He favors limiting immigration and strengthening border security while promoting a foreign policy of “non-intervention”.

Ron Paul’s campaign made headlines on November 5th with its first “Money Bomb”, a one day fundraiser which netted over $4.3 million. The December 16th event seeks to surpass that number.

# # #

To obtain special Media Passes for this event please contact Rachael McIntosh at

BostonTeaParty07 was planned by members of Boston Ron Paul MeetUp #68 and paid for by Liberty League PAC
the event is not authorized by the Ron Paul 2008 presidential campaign

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Damn weather!

I swear, if it wasn't for the snowstorm we're expecting tonight, I would be driving from Michigan to Boston to celebrate with you guys ... sounds like you have a terrific rally planned and I hope the weather cooperates!

Loved the little video

Is this being shown anywhere besides the internet? Man, this should be on Boston TV.

It's going to be pretty darn crowded on the State House steps and in Faneuil Hall!

Wish I could be there with you!

Tea Party

I would like to know at what time will they start accepting my $100.00.
Is it mid night, 1am
Please let my know ,also, will there be a live counter to follow the amounts throughout the day.

Thank You Fellow Patriots

Ron Paul President of the United States of America 2008-2016

It depends on where you are

I'm in California, so I can donate starting at 9 pm PST the day before. (Tonight.)


P.S. I LOVE IT! People can't wait to donate!

What do you think?

midnight Sat/Sun

Zero hour is 12:00 a.m. eastern time on Sunday, December 16. Then donate away and surely the counter will be clicking on Ron Paul's website.

What is the link for the boston rally website?

Why is there no banner for this event on any of the websites?

Lets reach these people, Digg deep

I want to get the attention of obama searchers on Google. Digg it enough, and people searching for his book title (embedded here) will learn about (obama supporter converted hard to Ron Paul)

Support your right to be here and speak your mind. The RPR is more than just a movement, it is a philosophy.

Support your right to be here and speak your mind. The RPR is more than just a movement, it is a philosophy.