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Video: FBI Visits Peace Mom About "Pre-Crimes"

A mother and professional nurse is visited at her front door by two FBI agents about her attending peaceful protests. Instead of letting them in, she grabs her video camera and films the interview at her front door with the door remaining open.

She interspersed the video with essential advise for any activist.


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"This video has been removed

"This video has been removed by the user."

Bummer, I was saving this for my lunch break.*shrugs*

"I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the right of an individual."

doesn't it give us peace to

doesn't it give us peace to know that Rand Paul will "filibuster" ANY attempt to sanction Israel's policy of genocide against the Palestinians. Rand's soul can burn in HELL for all I care. He and Cheney can have dinner and talk all about it.

When the apple fell from that

When the apple fell from that tree, there was a hurricane blowing.

Ronny didn't spank the boy enough.

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

Reptilians ?

Interesting. I have a friend who is in law enforcement. He tells me the questions he asks people. I ask him, "Are they legally required to answer those questions?" He knows they aren't but most people answer anyway.

And don't worry about shape shifting reptilian alien walk-ins taking over the planet. The Leftist, Socialist Kenyesians are beating them to it.

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and NOone sees this female

and NOone sees this female entities EYES? Did anyone notice that his said FBI and her's did not? Take a good look at this pic folks... I don't think she was human...

see for yourself.... then watch video again... notice her blank evil stare... joke if you want to... laughing is healthy... but don't forget it.

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

Yes, I do know of some violent groups...

"I heard of this terror group called the CIA that flies remote control bombs into civilian areas."

"I also think there is a plot to bomb Iran by the U.S. and Israeli Governments."

I don't know why she didn't

I don't know why she didn't just say no. I think its obnoxious they came, but at the same time if they heard that she was going to blow up building they have a legitimate right to question her She should have said absolutely not, and then moved on. I agree with the agent, it looks suspicious.

If you hear your neighbor threaten to kill or hurt you and you call the cops and they do nothing, you would be upset, but if the cops went to your neighbor and questioned him/her they would be doing their job.

People complain that the Government knew about 9/11 and did nothing, but then complain if they question anyone. This was not an infringement of any rights whatsoever.

They didn't blast down the door and arrest her. This is actually how they SHOULD deal with things. The old fashion way, knocking on the door.

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I don't know why she didn't

I don't know why she didn't just say no.

Just a guess as to why...

Some of the text during the video explains that it is legal for agents to lie but is ILLEGAL for people to lie to agents. I don't know the legal reference, but from what I recall that is correct.

If she was to say "no" and that was the truth, there would still be the possibility that somehow the agents would be able to make a convincing case that her answer of "no" was a lie (even if it was the truth).

By not giving any answer at all she could never be charged with lying (legitimately or illegitimately) since she never gave an answer at all.

What made me think that might be why she wouldn't answer is the following YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc (the video of the law professor who explains to his class why they should never talk to the police).


Thoughts that came to mind

as I watched this:

The agents are concerned about keeping the peace. They are not investigating a crime. Is this part of their job description?

Regarding #4, is the mom accusing the woman FBI agent of lying? This speaks to the point above, regarding the FBI's job description. The FBI agent is saying that part of their job is to prevent violence from occurring. The mom should have asked to see an official copy of the law describing their office to verify the agent's claim. Or, if she had in fact already seen an official copy of the law and the agent had just misspoken then she should have corrected her.

At one point the mom says she wants to continue the conversation because she is "curious." I can see engaging in such a conversation if one is concerned about the peace being broken, but since she has no such concern, there's no purpose in continuing. And if she had been concerned about the peace, she would have already gone to the authorities. So there's no reason for this conversation to have occurred, outside of her wanting to satisfy her curiosity.

She's uncomfortable because he is asking her to give evidence. In fact she doesn't have any evidence to give – otherwise she would have already called the authorities. I think both of them are uncomfortable because there is no purpose to their conversation.

Really, they shouldn't be at her door in the first place. That she agreed to talk to them doesn't make sense, except that she could have simply acknowledged the concern (prompted by the “call in”) and told them she hadn't noticed anything that would cause her to be concerned about violence.

on second thought...

my statement that they shouldn't have come to her door in the first place needs some explaining. If you assume she would have contacted authorities, then that statement makes sense. However, since someone else apparently called in a concern, of course they do have to look into it.

I wish she had told them, "yes, I know of a few plots"

And then told them about the federal reserve and the crimes it's been committing. Or the congress stealing from us all. Or, "yes, I heard there were people planning to destroy the bill of rights, but since you're here I guess they already did." and maybe throw-in "bada-bing" at the end (for the camera you know)

Say, have you guys read Article 30 of the INTERPOL constitution?

The part that says you are to disregard the laws of the United States of America? Why SURE you have! You're BOTH INTERPOL agents in MY country acting without authority, jurisdiction, venue or standing!

Bada-bing Mike!

This woman is a force.

I'm grateful for what she did. Whether deliberate or by mistake, she challenged the Agents to solve a mystery. Now they have an excuse to screw with her life if they choose to and I would not put it past them. A fine example of our tax dollars hard at work against us.

What I see happening here is

What I see happening here is some nutball leftist made some crazy terrorist complaint to the feds and they got stuck investigating it because they have to investigate every complaint.

Most of those guys are just working stiffs who get stuck carrying out the dirty work of politicians.

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

Three questions you should always ask !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are three questions that would have made the interview much shorter and send them on their way.

1, Do you have probable articulated suspicion that I have committed a crime or am about to commit a crime?

2, Am I being detained?

3, Am I free to go?

If their answers are no, no and yes the go inside and close the door.

If their answers are yes, yes, and no. Then shut up and get a lawyer. Anything you say will only hurt you.


Bingo Rick! 100% the case. I

Bingo Rick! 100% the case.

I think you and I have probably studied some of the same information. I watched a lecture by a defense attorney that essentially said what you say here, backed up with tons of examples of how the police and investigators can make something out of nothing.

His single biggest piece of advice, the thing he said to remember even if you forget everything else, was take advantage of the "Right to Remain Silent", and STAY silent.

She had the guy, I mean, he

She had the guy, I mean, he was nervous and ready to buckle. All she needed to say was, "Do you as US citizens feel it's right that you are coming to my home and terrorizing me after I utilized my freedom of speech?"

Man, I was waiting for it or something like it....

She had the guy, he was scared, you can read it in his eyes--he did not feel good about what he was doing....

He did seem rather

He did seem rather uncomfortable with the role he was playing.

meekandmild's picture

anyone's comments on this you tube video

being "held for approval"?

Nice clarification at the end

"hurt anybody illegally". Not interested in hearing about all the legal means of hurting people governments have.

Defend Liberty!

ADL just removed FBI Harrassment article from website



Houston FBI Special Agent in Charge Speaks to ADL Board

Date: April 12, 2010

FBI Special Agent in Charge Rick Powers told ADL board members the threat of terror attacks "is in some ways more difficult to manage," these days.

Powers, who was introduced by ADL Board Chair Jay Harberg, spoke at ADL's March Board Meeting, and focused on the FBI's work in the region, especially in regard to hate crimes, civil rights issues, and domestic and foreign terrorism. Powers said the FBI valued its relationship with ADL deeply, and would continue to work with ADL to fight against hatred and for civil rights.

Powers said within the last eight to ten months, the FBI has seen a dramatic increase in the "phenomenon of self-radicalization" where terrorist organizations are using the Internet to radicalize individuals who intend to commit violent acts.

Terrorists no longer have to go to overseas training camps to be connected easily with groups such as Al Qaeda. Now, Powers said, we've gone from "very large, centralized control… to something that’s far more dangerous," and much harder to trace. "It's like hundreds of ping pong balls, rather than large boulders, being thrown at you at once," Powers said.

Powers emphasized the importance of cooperation between law enforcement agencies in fighting terror, as well as the value of individuals noting suspicious activity, persons, or objects. "We need help from you… when you say, this doesn't look right, " Powers said, individuals should report that to the FBI.

Powers also stressed the FBI's commitment to civil rights and combating hate crimes. "We track every hate crime allegation and look at it very, very, very thoroughly," he said. "By prosecuting hate crimes," he added, "we have a chilling effect on those who might perpetrate further hate crimes."

Powers brought several members of his staff with him to the luncheon, including Assistant Special Agent in Charge Carlos Barron, Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mike Bonner, Community Outreach Specialist Ron Cutlip, and Special Agent and Training Director Lucy Sanfilippo.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

What a pair of idiots!

The FBI is just the national political police, and they were there to intimidate her, no other reason.





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I don't know what the problem

I don't know what the problem is. The two FBI Agents were just doing their job. They were polite and respectful. There is no need to be confrontational.

They didn't accuse her of anything. They just asked if she knew of anyone planning to injure someone or damage property. She should have just given them an honest answer.

I think it was a good idea to video tape the interview, but I think she should have been more cooperative. The majority of these people are patriotic Americans. When we act confrontational, we fit the profile the Department of Homeland Terrorism has created about us.

Why make any enemy? I want law enforcement on my side.

I somewhat agree with you,

I somewhat agree with you, Greg Butko. I think both sides are probably making a big deal out of nothing. (I am speaking of the incident, not the Middle East conflict.) I subscribe to the philosophy that I should aid the authorities whenever possible and assume that they have good intentions and are conducting a legitimate investigation. Romans 13. I know that that may not be the case, but even if it isn't, it is certainly a "turn the other cheek" situation. If you have nothing to hide and God is on your side, you have no reason to fear. If they use the information for nefarious purposes, then that will be on their heads on the Day of Judgment.

Yes, and those very nice and

Yes, and those very nice and polite people just doing their job would have absolutely no qualms about using any information the lady responded with against her even if it put her in jail or worse. It wouldn't bother them a bit because they were just doing their job. Why should this lady abandon her rights just to be polite? Why should this lady risk that anything she might say may be twisted and misconstrued or used in a manner she did not intend? Why should government agents show up at someones doorstep and expect courteous answers just because they appear polite and want info to protect the children and for safety reasons?

They said they wanted to ask questions and it was interesting to see how they framed it so that they never asked a question and instead were inviting a free flow of info from the lady -people usually start rambling when there is a loose end in the conversation or when they feel its their turn in the conversation- nice psychological trick, but didn't work on this lady.

It reminds me of that scene

It reminds me of that scene in Minority Report where the cops release the little bugs that run around and shine their lights in people's eyes after entering their homes..

Why resist, just let them scan your eye and cooperate and everything will be just fine, right Greg?

Remember freedom dude? before the bullshit war on terror started? I do, it was pretty nice.

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Are you for real Greg? You

Are you for real Greg?

You have a right to protest in this country without being visited at your home by the FBI. That's harrasement and is obviously an attempt to scare her into being less political.

She was nice not to just close the door on them.

I like when she asked "which protester are you going to visit next.." These agents should loss their jobs for bugging a mother of 5 nurse.. give me a break.

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I hope you were being ironic. As well intentioned and patriotic as some FBI agents may be, they all understand a basic known to all law enforcement: they don't have to be truthful during interrogations, and whatever information given during interrogations can be used against the person being questioned. Asserting the Fifth Amendment right to silence under such conditions is not a lack of cooperation, it is a right given to us all under the Constitution.

I listened to the entire tape and found her tone to be respectful and nonconbative. This lady knew her rights and did a wonderful job communicating them in a nonconfrontational way.

I'd like to know who called about her political activities and exactly where that call came in. This person may have called either the FBI or possibly a tip line at the local fusion center. Either way, it sounds as if a concerned citizen made the call. Information of this sort is by definition not covered by 28 CFR part 23 ( Code of Federal Regulations: Criminal Intelligence Operating Policies) and not subject to Fourth Amendment protections either...in this case, these protections are reserved for intelligence developed by law enforcement. When a tip is called into the FBI or a fusion center, the only thing law enforcement can legally do is try to follow up and get further information offered voluntarily...there's no suspicion of criminal activity, after all. This means that information stated voluntarily may not receive constitutional protection at all...and without an attorney, this woman stands a risk of her statements being misinterpreted as an intent of some criminal act. She is very, very smart to remain silent.

One last thing. In Maryland the State Police infiltrated meetings of peace activists. Several prominent activists were listed as terrorists in a fusion center database. The FBI might claim to be concerned for her first amendment rights, but are they really?

Malo periculosam libertatem quam quietam servitutem. ("I prefer the tumult of liberty to the quiet of servitude"). Thomas Jefferson to James Madison, 30 January 1787.