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Who Was Cyrus I Scofield? Who Did Scofield Work For? Who Paid Him to Write His Reference Book and Why? A Must Read.

De Tocqueville could see the power of America, but he could not have known in 1830 that she was soon to be under an attack aimed at its churches and the very sense of morality that he extolled.

First, there was a War Between the States, which scarred the powerful young nation in its strapping youth. A worse attack on America was to commence near the turn of the 20th century. This was the onset of an attack on American Christianity that continues unabated against the traditional, Christ-following church. This attack, which author Gordon Ginn calls "The final Apostasy," began with a small very wealthy and determined European political movement. It had a dream, and the American churches stood in its way.

The World Zionist movement, as its Jewish founders called themselves, had plans to acquire a homeland for all Jews worldwide, even though most were far from homeless, and many did not want another home. Not any land would do. World Zionists wanted a specific property that American Christians called "the Holy Land." But if these Zionists read Democracy in America or any of the journals of any of America's churches, which no doubt they did, they could not help but know that Jerusalem was not theirs to have. As self-proclaimed Jews, they were, according to the Christian New Testament, the persecutors of Christ and most of his early followers, and the engineers of his crucifixion. America's traditional churches in the 19th Century would never stand for a Jewish occupation of Jesus' homeland.

World Zionist leaders initiated a program to change America and its religious orientation. One of the tools used to accomplish this goal was an obscure and malleable Civil War veteran named Cyrus I. Scofield. A much larger tool was a venerable, world respected European book publisher — The Oxford University Press.

The scheme was to alter the Christian view of Zionism by creating and promoting a pro-Zionist subculture within Christianity. Scofield's role was to re-write the King James Version of the Bible by inserting Zionist-friendly notes in the margins, between verses and chapters, and on the bottoms of the pages. The Oxford University Press used Scofield, a pastor by then, as the Editor, probably because it needed such as man for a front. The revised bible was called the Scofield Reference Bible, and with limitless advertising and promotion, it became a best-selling "bible" in America and has remained so for 90 years.

The Scofield Reference Bible was not to be just another translation, subverting minor passages a little at a time. No, Scofield produced a revolutionary book that radically changed the context of the King James Version. It was designed to create a subculture around a new worship icon, the modern State of Israel, a state that did not yet exist, but which was already on the drawing boards of the committed, well-funded authors of World Zionism.

Scofield's support came from a movement that took root around the turn of the century, supposedly motivated by disillusionment over what it considered the stagnation of the mainline American churches. Some of these "reformers" were later to serve on Scofield's Editorial Committee.

Scofield imitated a chain of past heretics and rapturists, most of whose credibility fizzled over their faulty end times prophesies. His mentor was one John Nelson Darby from Scotland, who was associated with the Plymouth Brethren and who made no less than six evangelical trips to the US selling what is today called "Darbyism." It is from Darby that Scofield is thought to have learned his Christian Zionist theology, which he later planted in the footnotes of the Scofield Reference Bible. It is possible that Scofield's interest in Darbyism was shared by Oxford University Press, for Darby was known to Oxford University. (The History of Darbyism)


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Understanding Scofield's Influence Is Big Time Important To Us

We need to stir up these threads on Scofield, Left Behind Theology, Tim LaHaye, and Israel First foreign policy. If America understood, we'd have a Ron Paul Presidency.

Is there something wrong with your madula ?

You seem fixated on Zionism..You should preach the GOSPEL instead of giving homage to a cult..
They are one amoung many..

"Is there something wrong

"Is there something wrong with your madula ?"

Did you mean "medulla?"

If so, there is nothing wrong with it, but thanks for asking.


I'm a maroon.

The "madula"(sic), properly spelled "medulla" isn't even related to cognitive functions. It's primarily an autonomic nerve center which regulates basic life-sustaining organ function.

What your "madula" has to do with any of this, I'm not too sure.

Perhaps English is his 2nd or 3rd language?

Cut it out BIGT

I was joking..about the madula, short, for medulla.. I realy don't think anything is wrong with his MADULLA anyway..
You guys need to loosen that tie a bit.

I have noticed BIG T

You are the hammer for cactus..What's with that?

Sounds like a little double teaming of your own going on..


I sometimes get a little acerbic.

I happen to agree with Cactus's POV on this particular topic, so I post on these threads.

Thanks I do

consider all you peoples' contributions to the subject ..I usually am not a know it all, I weigh things..Does it sound correct, if not, why not..What is correct., ETC ?..

Thanks my good man

You are right .

Bibles & Dictionaries,

Oxford Uninversity Press has not only revised/changed/corrupted the Bible translations but also dictionaries, specially the ones in English,
call it anglish. They usually place a subtle angle in the meaning of words, that favor zion'$ agenda.
These jokers/yokers are masters of duplicity, = a single word could carry/mean different things to different people, i.e. diplomacy, this way each side 'thinks' or assumes what is acceptable.
List of verses or words could be very long, the their most vicious trick is to change the name-words.


is true of any writting ..Beauty is in the eye of the beholder..You always need to go to the SOURCE.

I keep telling you all

You can read ANY writting or book , but reader is the interpriter of what the reader is reading ..God helps me interpret, how else could I came to TRUTH..
You need to get TRUTH from the sourse..GOD

In scripture it is said that The Holy Spirit will lead you into ALL TRUTH..I depend on HIM to show me what is TRUTH, not any one elses' writtings.

IT's called "DISCERNMENT" , which a non believer does not have.Look up , PARABLES & how Christ spoke & how He taught..HE hides things from those , WHO WOULD BE , the wise & prudent amoung men..Also hidden from Satan.This is why the High priest could not understand Christ..At that time Christ was , today is & tommorow shall be the Jews SALVATION, but they were blinded by other interests.

Which I am beginning to wonder about, with some on this post.
Don't get angry at me I am just telling you WHAT I KNOW..Experience.


take my word on these posts ..READ it for yourself..
Thanks I don't want you on my consience..I have my own headachs. READ please..this is the internet..

Believe me

Nobody's going to take your word after reading your posts.


YOU & satan have done your work..

You shall have your reward of success

The Gospel According to

The Gospel According to Rothschild


This is very long. Therefore, anyone interested in reading it may want to print it out.

Matthew Henrey

In his commentary written in the 16th century stated that although it didn't seem likely the Jews would one day return to their homeland in the last days.

People like me who take the Bible Literally clearly see the regathering of Israel as a fufillment oh the scriptures.

There is no doubt there will be a rapture the only question is about timing. Those who spiritualize scripture generally do not believe in the Bibles ability to predict the future or so twist the word as to make it meaningless.

One only needs to look at how scripture was fufulled in the past to understand it is always fufilled literally.

i won't even try to argue here about this. This is what I do for a living and so many of you talk such stupid sillyness it does not even deserve an answer.

It takes to long for me to type to even try to go there.

Bottom line people who don't want to believe won't. Jesus proved that in John 5,6,7,8 The Jewish leaders knew he was sent by God and for the sake of power and money rejected him.

Some things never change.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights


Those leaders were their father's sons of the devil..
They had the SAME sin that satan fell from heaven over..To sit on the Most High seat.
They loved the seat more than the Creator..
And in their time, More than their own Salvation..


has a column down the center which is to direct the reader to other verifying old & new testament scripture..You can know if it if truthfull or not
that's not a deseption.. Scofields comments at the bottom of the page are a guide which you can choose to trash or consider..He is straight forward about his comments that they are not the final authority ..
There is no deception that I have found..If you have specific reference please forward ..Not just a change of language wording..We no longer use thee & thou & old English language ..Bring yourself up to date please. Not neccessarily with a Scofield.

OK I'll let you chew on this

The book of Rev. starts with Christ addressing the 7 Churches & the seven angels of the 7 Churches..
Then John says He saw a door was open in Heaven..Then begins his discription of what he sees & hears..If you contnue reading through , the 7 angels, that have been made King & Priests & shall reign on Earth, each one at a time, blow their trumpets as Judgement is issued on Earth. REV. 8:2..They have white robes made of fine white linen & have a golden girdle on them..These angels are the 7 angles of the 7 =churches..There is another group that is a great multitude that comes out of the tribulation..There is another group with palms in their hands dressed in white robes..The voice of the 7th angel sounded, REV. 11:15..How could John see them in the scene, BEFORE CHRIST sets his foot on the mount,Rev. 14:1.., if the Rapture or Translation did not already take place ? The door in Heaven is equivilant to what a believer will see at the Rapture ..

This does not come from Scofield ..
PRE trib.

Should read the 24 Elders as king & priests

10000 X 10000 & thousands of thousands..Rev. 5:10-11
Kings & Priests are Christians of today..TRANSLATED

The slain for GOD in white robes, REV,6:9-11

Seal servants of God the 144000, REV,7:3-4

The multitutde to large to number w/ white robes & palm in hands,REV,7:9

Angels of 7 churches REV,8:2-6 Judgements issued

2 witnesses or candlesticks, REV,11:3-4

7 Angels out of the TempleREV,15:1

7 Golden girdled & white linened Angels REV,15:6

Christ 2 advent to Earth with his followers ,coming out of heaven, at Armagedden..REV,19:11
to the marrage supper Christ/Christians the body of Christ & Israel the bride, arrayed in white linen..

Impailed4u, I'm curious, why

Impailed4u, I'm curious, why do you reply to your own posts?

I just quoted verse & chapter from your king james bible.

that's all I rely on scripture..
My posts do not mean to take My word for these things...Read

"I just quoted verse &

"I just quoted verse & chapter from your king james bible."

I'm confused, I said nothing about the King James Bible.

I just asked, why you reply to your own posts?

Yes, they come

out of the tribulation.
Not on an elevator.

did Christ

assend on an elevator ? What chapter & verse was that?

There is no turmoil PRIOR to the kings & Preists , which WE are

TODAY..Revelation 1:6 It is stated elswhere in the bible..After the order of Malchisadek.

Why is the Christian hated , we are kings & priests according to God's purpose & have Dominion over Evil in this World ..If you are a true believer.
Because of unbelif in humanity we have all this turmoil..WE are just a piece of what could be..And what will eventually come at that last trump.
end of story.


why did you make that title so damn long?

Soon people will follow you and post titles like you and 3 or 4 titles will cover all space in the active forum topics.

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The subject line allows x

The subject line allows x number of spaces. I did not use all the spaces allowed.

Actually, I have noticed others using all the allotted spaces in their titles.

yes others are doing the same

it has become a trend...gets attention better when title is very long but it's not fair to those posting with very short titles - lesser visibility for their posts.

what can I do...

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15