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New Freemont, NE Bill could require a license to "rent"

Even though I don't live in NE, I have a serious problem with this bill. Now people have to "register" somewhere to live somewhere? When will these people stop prying in our lives?

Edit: I thought this was originally California, it's Nebraska of all places!


Landlords and renters also would be affected by the ordinance, which would require anyone over the age of 18 to get an occupancy license when they move. Current residents of rental properties would not need to get a license unless they change addresses.

If someone in the rental property turns 18 while living there, he or she would also be required to obtain a license.

To obtain a license, a person simply must submit a completed application and pay a $5 fee to the Fremont Police Department. Licenses will be issued to every person who presents a completed application.

If an applicant indicates that they have alien status, the police would submit information into a federal database to verify that status.

Landlords would be required to notify renters of the occupancy license requirement and retain a copy of each renter's occupancy license.

"As long as a person presents me with a license, I will rent to them," said Fremonter Steve Dahl, who owns approximately 30 apartments within the city.

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'merica is thu most free-ee-ee-ist country on thu planit!

Why again, exactly, does anyone want idiots like those who came up with this proposal to have the presumed and self declared authority and power of government at their disposal?

This is why we need to get

This is why we need to get patriots at every level of government to fight these b4st4%rd$!


Yes, everyone on DP should run for city council so we can vote against the big-government ideas.