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Every once in a while, an opportunity comes by that is too great to pass up. Supporting Ron Paul is one of these opportunities.

By now you’ve probably seen and heard that Dr. Ron Paul did outstanding in last Thursday’s GOP debate. How often does a true libertarian/conservative get to take part in nationally-televised debates? Truthfully speaking, this chance might not ever happen again.

Dr. Paul has been one of the most vocal critics of big government and its policies. The only other candidate that would possibly be even close to being as limited-government as Ron Paul would be a Libertarian Party candidate. I wouldn’t hold my breath for the LP to be invited to a debate anytime soon. Dr. Paul is in a very unique situation where he can make a big impression on a number of people watching.

Other than his speaking style which is clear and straightforward, Ron Paul’s voting record is absolutely perfect. He doesn’t have any flip-flops of any kind or any votes that go against the Constitution. He has written some of the best pieces of limited government literature on the Internet. http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul-arch.html

Stop for a moment and take all of these factors into consideration. We have a man who is one of the smartest, most consistent, and well-written men on OUR SIDE and he has two debates to get our message of freedom and out to the public.

After watching the debates, I noticed that Dr. Paul is too polite and gentlemanly to be loud and obnoxious on TV. Given that, it would make sense for him to play to his strengths and steer as many people as possible to a website, where he can really give people a new way to think about the issues.

In a debate, he can get in his message and plug his website, where people can get the full story, including rebuttals to common (and unfounded!) objections. He should really stress intellectual honesty and encourage people to think for themselves.

Now, at the time of this writing, his website is currently lacking www.RonPaul2008.com , which is why I think that donating funds to improve his website is so critical.

Between now and the GOP nomination, those of us who are liberty-minded have a very rare moment in history to contribute to someone who has two (TWO!) upcoming nationally televised appearances where he can explain his positions AND direct people to an effective website. Call me a dreamer, but I really think that can change a lot of people’s minds about what role government should play.

Economists Ludwig von Mises and Milton Friendman accomplished a great deal, but without people supporting FFF, FEE, LewRockwell.com and Mises.org, far fewer people would hear the message. Helping out Ron, in my opinion, will give you the most bang for your "liberty buck".

People who truly care about their lives at home and the lives of the thousands of unnecessary war victims abroad need to ACT NOW so that this window of opportunity does not pass us by. Ron has worked too hard and written too many brilliant articles for us to let this incredible opportunity pass us by.

Ron has stood for limited government his entire career; the time has come for us to stand up beside him and be heard.

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I agree. We cannot let this rare opportunity pass by.

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