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BOOK REVIEW REQUEST ...Anyone read ... "George Washington's Sacred Fire" ?

Just came across this book, and was wondering if anyone has read it....

UPDATE--For those of you who have read about GW or heard of him only through school, etc... this book will shock you and reawaken you!!! The author spent 15 years researching every letter..document..diary's... correspondences..and historical information that exists to put together this book. Unlike other books, this one is perhaps the most honest and historically accurate book on George Washington that has ever been published!
If you want to understand the perspective and ideology of the original Founding Father... Then get this book..read it and post here your thoughts on it.

here's a bit of a description...

Publisher Description: George Washington, the uniquely venerated Founding Father of our nation, valiant warrior of the American Revolution and devoted family man has been the subject of countless writings by scholars and storytellers alike.What sets George Washington's Sacred Fire apart from all previous literary works on this man for the ages, is the exhaustive fifteen years of Dr. Peter Lillback's research, revealing a world icon driven by the highest of ideals, not the least of which was his genuine Christian faith.

A vast number of books on George Washington are characterized by anecdotal recounting s and factually unsubstantiated conclusions that,up to now,few have strived to correct by painting an accurate, meticulously detailed portrait. American history bookshelves are replete with volumes on George Washington, penned by living men forcing dead men to perform tricks of the writers" choosing. Only do George Washington's own writings, journals, letters, manuscripts, and those of his closest family and confidants reveal the truth of this awe-inspiring role model for all generations.

Growing up in a single parent household, George was faced with similar circumstances and challenges as many throughout history and indeed today. Yet, Dr. Lillback draws on primary source research to paint a picture of a man, who, faced with these challenges and circumstances, ultimately drew upon his persistent qualities of character" honesty, justice, equity, perseverance, piety, forgiveness, humility, and servant leadership, to become one of the most revered figures in world history. Major General Nathanael Greene, writing of his commander in chief, declared, "I hope we shall be taught to copy his example, and to prefer the love of liberty, in this time of public danger, to all the soft pleasures of domestic life." These are values and determination that are widely absent in today's society.

Where a nation begins distinctly determines the course it treads. George Washington set the cornerstone for what would become one of the most prosperous, free nations in the history of civilization.—Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports,—he said in his farewell address. Through this book, Dr. Lillback, assisted by Jerry Newcombe, will reveal to the reader a newly inspirational image of General and President George Washington.

1208 Pages
Published July 2006


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Hey just found some book reviews on this book....wow..check them


Its #48 in Books on Amazon

Excellent, needful history for every man, woman, and child. Read this book and have your eyes opened to what our horrid Public Schools never taught you, Read this book, come out of the cave...it's dark in there.


This book is a must-read by anyone who has been, or who is being, indoctrinated in America's public education system. If you are a student, read this book. If you are a parent, make your children read this book. Unlike Liberal "history" books that are written by atheists who never cite source documents, this book is replete with references to original sources.

I highly recommend that high school students and university students use the referenced material in this book to challenge your liberal indoctrinators. When you do, they will try to belittle you, but they will never, ever be able to refute anything you say with information from other original source documents. Liberal "educators" are small, petty liars who cannot make it in the real world, so they retreat into the make believe world of academia, where they hope to pervert gullible minds into believing the lies that they repeat over and over again. Be courageous, stand your ground and insist they back up their lies with proof. When they fail to provide proof, realize that they have revealed themselves as liars and then begin to question EVERYTHING they tell you.

An amazingly descriptive and captivating book. A must-read for anyone who enjoys their history with presidents and what they did during their terms, before hand and afterwards. To be honest I'm not much of a history buff myself but I have read into these things just so when people ask me about it I can give them some kind of an explanation into what I know. Reading is an important part of writing as well, so to broaden my horizons with literature and what people out there like to read, I've read many different types of books. Read this book, I'm telling you, you wont regret it.

worth the read....

if anyone wants to know /emulate or learn from the original Founding Father....

9 years of war is enough!

On July 4th 2010 the Declaration will reach 234 years, that's 26 times 9 years that Independence was declared. The words were true and many who participated in the fight for independence were sincere. The problem is war, one war after another, war of Revolution, Civil, World; each leading not to Independence, but to enslavement by the beast.
Enough war. In order to achieve true independence the wars must end. Turn away from the beast and stop feeding it with hatred.

so you think the Revolutionary War...was a waste>???

While some wars are a waste...and of course finding an alternative to war is always preferred...

Using real world solutions... what do you do when soldiers do what ever they want to you, your family, and your local town, etc..???

Or what do you do when the list of grievances listed here on this post...
http://www.dailypaul.com/node/139352 ????

A person must realize that as much as idealism makes sense in theory...The PTB are not that evolved... Thus war sometimes is inevitable...(that or sacrificial death)

Anyways...have you read this book?? (and is it just about war??)

no one has read this???

Thought one of you book fans would have read it or heard of it...

How could such a staunch advocate and defender of liberty

As George Washington take a liking to such a snake as Alexander Hamilton?

As much as I can admire GW, my biggest nit is the Whiskey Rebellion, though that was most likely led in large part by Alexander Hamilton to collect tax revenue for gov't bondholders (his friends on Wall St.), GW did legitimize the whole affair by listening to AH and leading his army across PA.

To his credit, GW did pardon all of the men that were dragged in chains from Western PA to Philly.

Another interesting historical footnote was the practice of stealing good teeth from slaves to create a set of dentures for a slaveholder. Probably widespread during his day, but I have read at least one article indicating GW also had this done. Hard to imagine the horror of having your teeth removed in this day and age for the benefit of someone else's mouth.

Otherwise, IMO GW is pretty much everything everyone says about him. A great leader and the supreme founding father of founding fathers, without his service the world would be very different place today. Sometimes it seems as his life was touched by Divine Providence, from firing the first shot (figuratively speaking) of the French & Indian war to becoming the first U.S. President.


He bought the teeth from his slaves, 1/3rd under market rate,

for his own mouth.

"The following year, in May of 1784, Washington paid several unnamed "Negroes," presumably Mount Vernon slaves, 122 shillings for nine teeth, slightly less than one-third the going rate advertised in the papers, "on acct. of the French Dentis [sic} Doctr. Lemay [sic]," almost certainly Le Moyer. Over the next four years, the dentist was a frequent and apparently favorite guest on the plantation. Whether the Mount Vernon slaves sold their teeth to the dentist for any patient who needed them or specifically for George Washington is unknown, although Washington's payment suggests that they were for his own use. Washington probably underwent the transplant procedure--"I confess I have been staggered in my belief in the efficacy of transplantion," he told Richard Varick, his friend and wartime clerk, in 1784--and thus it may well be that some of the human teeth implanted to improve his appearance, or used to manufacture his dentures, came from his own slaves."



is this info you presented from the book? Or is it from your general knowledge of GW?

Yes, I do agree with you about the fact that his life was touched by a divine purpose... And while there were "some flaws" (as you mentioned) His overall actions were by far, better than most men ever achieve in their life.

Hmm, that sounds really

interesting maybe the library will have it.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

if you find it....

and you have any feedback, please let us know!!