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What's up with the DP ad glorifying Beck, Hannity, OReilly...

(and Limbaugh?!)

I know I should contribute more money to the DP before making this gripe...but seriously if someone stumbles onto the DP this ad will make them think we are a right wing rag...a Palin Post like Red State...

I would rather stare at that picture of raw meat.

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It is the "Washington Patriots" blogad...

If we click will it make money for DP? If so I will click...if not its probably counter productive.

I do mean to put my money where my mouth is soon....DP deserves all of our support.


I dont see any DP ads for them. Are you talking about the google ads? because I think (I could be wrong) that google displays random ads assoiciated with content. So if our site has many threads about GB then our google ads may come up GB from time to time.
But, like I said above, I could be wrong about how that works.
I recently watched a Peter Schiff VideoBlog on youtube where he was smashing Goldline, while there was a huge google ad for Goldline right on his youtube page.

I think anytime someone clicks on a google ad from the DP, the DP makes a little money...so its probably there to generate money since, like you said, a lot of people who come here dont donate much, or at all.
Gotta make it work somehow.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Cold Hard Truth

Here is the cold hard truth. If we ever want to get any of our candidates elected, we have to work with enough people to get the votes to win. If our numbers and financial support are greater, then WE will get to set the agenda, or at least more of it. If we dont work with the Religious right and the Neo-Cons, we dont stand much chance to have libertarian candidates get elected. Just like they dont have much chance to get elected without libertarian supporters. Trouble is, in the past libertarians have had such small numbers we have been unable to drive much of the platform or agenda. As our numbers grown and people wake up to the reality that Neo-Cons are actually no different than democrats on the fiscal side and that social matters are actually subordinate to their concerns when faced with a choice, then we will reach a tipping point... But to get elected, we are probably always going to need both camps, especially in a Presidential election. We need to co-opt THEIR agenda, that should be our strategy. And to do that, you have to work with them.....its simple numbers...

People aren't ALL bad or ALL

People aren't ALL bad or ALL good.

When someone hawks Hayek to millions of people, it doesn't matter if he's bright red, reeks of sulfur and has horns poking out of his head; he's doing something good for freedom.

Similarly, when someone who used to talk about liberty candidates being a "fringe", who simply steals votes and enables statism, starts kissing up to Rand and giving him plenty of airtime to defend himself against hack job accusations, that's a good thing, as well. Even if I can't imagine Hannity's "ideology" having changed much away from simply being "The R's must beat the D's. What R's and what D's are secondary."

In both cases, part of the Freedom message reaches a huge audience, and gets less "fringey."

It's not about "trusting" either of them not to have other motives than championing liberty, but just a realization that we really ought to cheer the biggest talking heads on TV on, those times when they do use their giant megaphones for something good.


servers aren't free

And clicking the ad will take

And clicking the ad will take money from that google ad campaign and pay the DP.


GB is educating people and that is why I support his program. That doesn't mean I trust him, because of the Medina hack job. I want him to continue educating people. This is essential to get more people on board the liberty bandwagon. O'Reilly is just a pure bred neo-con. Hannity is coming to our side, so I will give him a free pass as well.

Isn't there a reason to be

Isn't there a reason to be cautious here before you vociferously support this guy? I mean really, It is just like him to hop on your band wagon passing off all this popular grass roots ideology as his own... Draw an audience that targets the popular movement as if he is the pied piper...then as GB does...slip them the alternate when they're full of trust and hope ummmm Palin or Romney or anybody else but Ron Paul especially when the war with Iran will be torquing up.

That is exactly the pattern we have seen with all these pundits.

The bait and switch is their method of 'Operation Co-opt'.

I don't care if Glen Beck gives a legitimate Constitution Class (which he wouldn't) I would not have anything to do with him or any of those 'media' pawns they come up with.