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Stop USPS PO boxes from contributing to your indebtedness

Let me explain cause now I've got the Postal employees curious, but they deserve this considering how they've treated me.

Unfortunately, many government agencies use PO boxes as an address to send your payments into. The Postal Service has exclusive access to these PO boxes.

Many credit card companies use PO boxes for their payment, too. Not just the major ones, but retail stores, too. Banks also use POB addresses for deposits, payments, so forth.

I believe this is a genuine conspiracy going on & b/c of the way the Post Office has treated me, Managers no less, I've got no problem blowing the whistle on it & making it stop!

You rush, speed, huff, puff, run, go without food, whatever you HAVE TO DO to get to the Post Office BEFORE they close, 5 pm or they've locked the door on you. You knock & knock & knock when you see people inside, but they're rude as hell & they ignore you. You hear people talking but can't see them & they don't respond to you, they can't be bothered. They offer no help. If you ask for it, they might tell you if you've missed the last pick-up. They're gov't employees, they have job security & they can't think outside the box to save their lives. You've missed the cut-off time! You can no longer Express Mail or regular mail your PO box letter, so you incur a late fee, you incur a fine, penalty, doubling of fine, whatever, b/c you failed to get it in by a certain time, you failed to get it postmarked. The NEXT time this happens to you, don't be a victim of your gov't, AVOID THE GOVERNMENT! Head to Kinko's, UPS store, wherever they ship UPS, FedEX, any way besides the Postal Service & ask the addressee for a STREET address to ship to instead of a PO Box. As a matter of fact, ask them that the next time you're on the phone w/ them. Why the hell should you be stuck w/ an additional bill b/c they've MADE you ship to a PO box?
Wouldn't you rather go someplace besides the Postal Service & get this taken care of over the weekend, instead of having to confine it to 9-5, M-F & Sat., am which is when the USPS bothers to be open? Express Mail is not the cheapest way to ship. Go to these other shipping outlets & find out what your options are. If the Postal Service works for you, continue to use them, but it doesn't work when you're stuck on a weekday at 5 after 5 w/ a payment to make & NO WAY to make it.

We must end our physical & mental dependency on the government & this is 1 way to do it. If you go to another place that offers shipping over the wknd. or on a weeknite, you're not confined to the USPSs measly hours, their poor service, the list goes on. Give yourself more options & pay only what you owe, not more b/c its late b/c the USPS failed once again to fit its crummy hours into your schedule.

When;'s the last time a postal employee apologized that your bill was late & you owed a late fee? And if they did, what would that do for you? They wouldn't pay it. Stop being trapped into the PO box system & get a street address for each & every bill you have to pay that has a PO box address & have a back-up plan, in case you don't make the Post Office, or if you don't think you will make them. Do this also for things which must be returned by a date, or you will forfeit XYZ. If they don't want to offer you another address besides the PO box, stop affiliating with them or doing business with them! Check to see if having an account with another shipping company helps, so you won't pay the counter rates. This is not an ad for them, it's a strike against the Postal Service.

Let me also point out to you that you notice that PO box mail is ONLY picked up once during the day, so if its not in there when they check it, they won't look again till the next day. These private delivery companies deliver ALL DAY LONG, so as long as the place is open, they'll receive it. They may not be happy they've received it cause they can't charge you extra, but they've received it. Please don't think anybody doesn't intend to collect a late fee from you or they don't have that motivation, they just can't do it till the date due has past.

Use what you save, please, to contribute to a liberty candidate, www.liberty-candidates.org, who have no loyalty to the Postal Service.

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