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Peter Schiff Is Matching Every Contribution Today 2 to 1. If You Send $1, The Campaign Gets $3!

Hello Everybody,

Time is running out to make a huge impact with our end-of-quarter fundraising numbers. With our midnight deadline quickly approaching, I urgently need your help.

Yesterday I wrote to you about our new "Schiff Happens... when the government ignores the constitution" shirt and how with your contribution of $100 or more I would send you a signed copy. Well, that email received such a great response that I've decided to match any contributions that come in today 2 to 1.

That means whatever you can give today will have triple the impact. So follow this link right now and make the most generous contribution you can to help us close this final quarter before the primary as strong as possible.

We are so close to our $500,000 goal. If everyone chips in and gives $25 or more, we will easily surpass it before midnight. So can I count on you?

There's not a minute to spare. Follow this link right now and give has generously as you can to make sure my campaign has the resources we need to flood the airwaves with my message and beat Linda McMahon.

Time's running out to save our country, and the stakes have never been higher. America is counting on you, and so am I.

Peter Schiff


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Peter Schiff is a nerd extraordinairre.

a nerd beyond reproach.

a nerd superlative.

a nerd to the ends of the the earth.

a nerd splerd.

I like Petey.

Defeat the panda-industrial complex

I am dusk icon. anagram me.

Debbie's picture

I let him know I sent in a check!

Go Peter!!


bump for the front page!

bump for the front page!

Is he likely to beat McMahon?

I haven't been following the race closely, but fwih McMahon is beating him in the polls.

So...why don't Schiff just give up and stop wasting his money and our money? And he can possibly do more good at his business in the private sector..

Further Tom Woods new book is pointing the way to a new direction in politics...electing people to state government is going to become more important that electing federal politicians.

of course he's likely to beat

this is tea party time, and Schiff has it in barrels.

all that has to be done is get people to know who he is. less do it.

OK, ya

that could be. Tho, I still think that federal politicians are going to be less important than state politicians if nullification gets going.

reedr3v's picture

That would be the best scenario; but there's

that big IF in the way.

When we support Peter it's a win even if he loses; he's one of our best educators, and the more time he can buy to get his message out the better.

HOW can people in CT be so stupid as to vote for a nothing like McMahon?






Is purchasing a t shirt from the store on schiffforsenate.com considered a contribution?



and i'm getting a t-shirt out of it!

front page



Front page pls.

Need Schiff support.

please put this in the front page


The link does not

work for me?


I'm in for a C note. 3 for

I'm in for a C note. 3 for 1....gotta do it till it hurts.

Go go Peter.

Go go Peter.

Ask Club for Growth to Endorse Schiff!

Contact the Club for Growth and Senate Conservative Fund and ask them to endorse Schiff. If we can get both, or even just one of these clubs to endorse Peter, we can easily raise the funding the campaign needs in order to win. I wrote them yesterday, now its your turn!

Club for Growth - http://www.clubforgrowth.org/contact/?id=39

Senate Conservatives - http://senateconservatives.com/site/contact

By the way, threw $20 Peter's way yesterday afternoon before he made this video!