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Just a few of the reasons to support Dr. Paul

There are quite a few reasons to support Ron Paul.

1) He is in two nationally-televised debates. Do you think anyone with a remotely anti-government message will be in any future debates? EVER? This is a truly rare moment when someone with capitalist views has time to speak freely.

2) He has credibility. He has a perfect voting record and well-written articles to back him up. Just drawing attention to this can be very eye-opening to a lot people.

3) Someone is going to influence people. With all due respect to non-voters, I understand your frustration, and total apathy is fine, but assuming people will “get the message” that not voting will make government go away isn’t going to do anything. There is simply too much MSM brainwashing of people to make the average person think about ignoring government. Also, you’re likely going to pay taxes and suffer from the government’s poor decisions anyway. Sad, but true. If Ron Paul can at least nudge people to think and point them in the right direction, it is better than nothing.

4) Most importantly, he has the ability to open minds. I realize that true libertarianism came very easily to some of you, but for me, I needed to be conservative, then pseudo-libertarian, and then, finally, totally libertarian. Getting the message about government inefficiency is a definite step in the right direction. Just think for a second, if he got 100,000 people to visit Lew Rockwell’s site or this site, don’t you think it would really open people’s eyes to what government does to people? If not for a utopian libertarian state, at least for that person who now has a sensible way of looking at the world? Isn’t that worth supporting?

Now that might not be perfect, but there won’t be another chance like this for a L-O-N-G time. Sadly, as great as this website is, it’s not going to get the same amount of attention that Ron Paul is going to get in the next two debates. I think we should use this opportunity wisely.

Ron Paul needs our support. More importantly, if you really, actually, give a crap about reducing government, you should consider supporting him.

Try not to focus on the election. Focus on the fact that he can get people thinking. If he can get people thinking, he can get them to understand and be open to ideas like libertarianism.

I think those of us that care about the causes of libertarianism and limited government need to really check and see whether we care about those beliefs being heard or not.

I ask you to please help out.

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