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George Gordon's School of Law

Who Is George Gordon?

George Gordon is the nation's foremost teacher of pro se courtroom strategy and procedure, a pioneer who taught himself the ins and outs of defending himself in court when Big Brother put him out of business. He is an author, lecturer, father and former corporate president. In 1979, he created Barrister's Inn in Boise, Idaho to teach civil law and courtroom strategy and procedure. In 1985, he moved to Isabella, Missouri, and created George Gordon's School of Law, which has been a leader in teaching individuals to successfully represent themselves in the civil court system.

George's experience over the years includes six cases of his that have gone to the U.S. Supreme Court and numerous others that have gone the distance in various state or federal courts. These have ranged from custody cases involving grandparents' rights, through Title 42 suits over civil rights violations by local or state authorities (one of which was even settled in gold), to cases on personal status. Some have even affected national courtroom procedure such as Gordon v. Idaho, 778 F2d 1397, in which the Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that an individual no longer has to take an oath or affirmation in court, if his reason for not taking it is based on the fact that the Bible (which they so kindly provide for you to swear on) says that you shouldn't swear oaths. If you add in the cases where students of his were parties to the action, the number goes into the hundreds, if not the thousands. Many questions as to an individual's status and his relationship with various governmental bodies have first been answered in cases involving George or his students.

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Say What?

Gordon is a con man, its as simple as that.

Yes, he is a great speaker, and yes he does have a unique perspective on oh so many things I fully agree with.

However, he doesn't practice what he teaches, he hasn't fought a successful court case in years if not decades and has hired an attorney to represent him NOT as standby counsel as Gordon claims.

The law firm that has handled several cases for Gordon since 2009 is The Pointer Law firm of Ozark County.

If you still want to endorse this rip off artist you can do so here: http://www.georgegordonlies.com/ All comments welcome.

The Truth WILL set You Free!