Hagel's no Ron Paul

Robert Novak reported in his Aug. 5 column that because the campaign of anti-war Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas has been unexpectedly successful, Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska may become a presidential candidate ("Hagel for president?").

Sen. Hagel has opposed the ill-conceived Iraq war almost from the start, and if he had entered the race six months ago, he might have locked up the anti-war Republican vote. But now, after the debates and campaign coverage, it's Rep. Paul who is better known and who arguably has most of that vote locked up.

More important, Hagel's positions on other issues are only a little better than those of the GOP "front-runners." Like most of his colleagues, he voted to restrict Americans' privacy and liberties, expand the welfare state and raise spending and debt to record levels. And he doesn't support ending the foreign interventions that lead to wars.

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Sen. Hagel has opposed the ill-conceived Iraq war almost from the start...

Yeah, but not almost enough to vote against it. Yes, Hagel voted for the war, so he'd be just like the "anti-war" Democrats like Kerry, Clinton, Edwards, and Dodd.

In my book, if you voted for the Iraq war (or the Patriot Act, which Hagel voted for also) there is no possible way to redeem yourself. You don't deserve to be in politics anymore, much less be president.