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Whoops! I just blew up the Strawman (Debunking the Strawman Theory)

I came across this priceless thread which really punches holes into the alleged "Strawman" theory. If you prefer youtube videos or simple and basic content then this link isn't for you.


Just because the Strawman theory went the way of dead stars does not mean there is not something going on in the background. Contracts are at work but the strawman isn't the culprit.

ATTN: Roll Call Poll: How many DPers know "government" is a Foreign Private Corporation? Sign thread!

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In Legal Terms.....

I do not recognize TeamLaw.

I remember debating some pro-TeamLawyers here before and IMO they're strawman works for the BAR.....

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

There is in fact a "Straw

There is in fact a "Straw man", though I'm not sure why people use the term instead of the actual legal term "person". The statutes do not use the term "straw man", it only confuses to use that term instead of using the actual term used in statute.

Person, derived from latin "persona".

"A persona (plural personae or personas), in the word's everyday usage, is a social role or a character played by an actor. The word is derived from Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask.[citation needed] The Latin word probably derived from the Etruscan word "phersu", with the same meaning, and that from the Greek πρόσωπον (prosōpon). Its meaning in the latter Roman period changed to indicate a "character" of a theatrical performance or court of law, when it became apparent that different individuals could assume the same role, and legal attributes such as rights, powers, and duties followed the role. The same individuals as actors could play different roles, each with its own legal attributes, sometimes even in the same court appearance." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persona

A "person" that walks and talks is both a man and a legal entity. The person is a legal creation with a legal name. Anyone who has a legal name, and is a man, is both a human and ACTING as a legal creation. In the court room the man is ACTING as a legal creation, and this PERSON has different attributes such as rights, powers, and duties than the man has. Statutes determine the rights of the person, nature determines the rights of the Man. The court does not see the Man in the court room, they only see the person. They have no jurisdiction over the man, except in cases of crime. They only have jurisdiction over the person in matters of statute violation (as opposed to matters of crime).

All persons are men, but not all men are persons. Persons are bound to legal statute. If you have a legal name you are a person and you are bound to statute.

The one who names you is the one who has authority, jurisdiction, over you. When you are born, your parents give you a first and last name, plus you inherit the surname. The State puts your first and last name on the birth certificate as you first and MIDDLE name, then they turn your surname into your LAST name. This is the LEGAL name that THEY, the State, have given you. The "christian" name John Thaddeus of the Family (house of) Fatbutt, becomes the LEGAL name John Thaddeus Fatbutt. This is the PERSON'S name.

"Neither shall thy name any more be called Abram, but thy name shall be Abraham; for a father of many nations have I made thee. Gen 17

The wife takes on a new name of the husband, and thereby goes under the husbands authority. The child takes the name from the father and therefore is under the authority of him, until the State turns the child into a person, and gives him his legal name.

There is statute for elimination of the person, and elimination of the man's allegiance to statute. US Code Title 8 paragraph 1481.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Straw Man = False Flag

This Topic, to me, exemplifies a tactic used by criminals.

The thief is at the store ready to steal something so the thief points and yells "Thief," and while all the people who may be in a position to foil the theft by the thief are misdirected, at that moment, the thief thieves.

Posing as someone who is doing due diligence, the thief counterfeits the actual people who do due diligence.

The counterfeit person doing due diligence can be accurately measured as covering up something that the counterfeit person is actually doing, since the person is accurately knowable as a person who is not doing what the person says he, or she, is claiming to be doing.

Who says?

What does the evidence prove, in any case?

Who has the authority to declare that which is true, officially, and that which is false?

What was Trial by Jury meant to accomplish?

A Man of Straw is a term used to convey accurate meaning, or, on the other hand, it is a term used to fool the targeted victims.


the strawman is bunk

The whole strawman theory is nonsense repeated over and over. None of the people repeating it have ever actually verified there is any factual basis for it, or legal basis for it. Anyone with a legal education knows it is nonsense.

What's funny is that a thread about it, anywhere, always encourages ever other nutbar with every other nut theory to post those in the very same thread, as if to say, "The OP is not Napolean! But I am!"

Stupid stuff.

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

FYI I've always completely

FYI I've always completely dismissed this, as there is so much obvious wrongs going on just from reading the founders writings.

But I have to confess the other thread about the State of Ohio *actually* considering your marriage a contract between you, your spouse, and *the state*, has me wondering. That sounds too much like the serf system.

Read the thread about marriage certificates. And consider all the implications of the state being a party to your marriage as a contract. ??!


And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

In all 50 States, the State

In all 50 States, the State is party to the marriage. There is the Husband, the Wife, and the Father in ANY marriage. The Father is the one who gives the permission, and it the Authority over the Marriage.

If you are getting married, who do you go to? The State, to get permission in the form of a License.

If you're married and seeking a divorce, who do you go to? The State, because they are the Authority over the marriage. And because they are the Authority they decide who gets what, and if there are children they decide who will be taking care of them (probably the parents, but THAT is up to the State), who will pay for them (ALWAYS the parents). Most often the Father will let the children (husband and wife) decide most of this, but they have the authority to step in at any time they want.

No if you were to have been married by the Authority of "God" then these things do not apply to you. It only applies to LEGAL Marriages. So find a Church of Record that does not require a Marriage Certificate, and will record your marriage in their records as being by the Authority of God (vs "by the authority vested in me by the State of ________, I pronounce you man and wife"). And NEVER put on a legal document that you are married, such as filing taxes as married. THAT creates a LEGAL Marriage, which the State controls.

Holy Matrimony (by the authority of God.)
MARRIAGE (by the authority of the State.)


"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
People's Awareness Coalition: Deprogramming Sequence

Ens Legis Debtor Trust

The Strawman is a Trust (corporation) created by your parents SS-5 power of attorney.
Nothing magical here.
If you are schooled to never see the Trust right on the Driver's license, Utility Statements etc. You would be at a severe disadvantage and essentially wind up a slave in the commercial world.
This is what happens to most public educated people.
They never even know they have a Trust.
If you don't claim the Trust when you turn 18 The United States Congress administers it for you thus treating you as legally dead, brain dead, a ward of the State.

No one is in a U.S. Prison! Only Trust property is stored there as collateral for the U.S.Corporation's debts. The crimes were mostly make believe. The Prison population goes up or down in tandem with the debt. Now The Debt is to big for the Prisons to hold Enough DEBTORS as collateral so the Prison Yard fences are merely being moved to the Air and Sea Ports (TSA). Soon the Prison America will be locked down block by block (FEMA region by region) to secure the collateral. You.

You must either void the Trust by declaring it a fraud perpetrated on you as a minor or you must claim it and administer it.

Juliusbragg has the remedy to kill the Trust. I can help you claim it if you want to go gangster and stand toe to toe with The Matrix agents. Not for the timid, only for The One.

If you do not kill the Trust or take control it you are classified as property of The United States and collateral for it's debts. Bad, very bad.

They can sell you off piecemeal or all at once. Ask the survivors of The Holocaust what it is like to have your Trust liquidated by a dying Government. That's what happened to the Jews, the Nazis put Liens against the Jews Trusts to finance the war buildup then sold off their businesses, homes, labor, and finally held a final liquidation sale for the the Jews clothes and Gold teeth.

Are you starting to realize how serious this is?
No one was hurt or killed during The Holocaust, only Trusts were liquidated.

If you do not want to be liquidated as The U.S. Citizen Ship goes down I suggest you claim your Trust or blow it up and get legally clear of The U.S. Government Corporation.

Just watch Winston Shrout's You Own Bond on YouTube to get the basics.

This is life or death, better get with it, the Gestapo/TSA lockdown of The Collateral has already begun.

There are also implied Trusts called "in fact" as differentiated from "in law" like the Strawman.
If you never use the Strawman it would only exist "in law". The second you signed the drivers license at the age of contract they got you "in fact".

If you get rid of the "in law" Trust you could still create an "in fact" Trust by accepting benefits from The United States such as home delivery of mail (not in the 1789 Constitution), using federal reserve notes, or utilizing any public utility.

Everyone who wants to live must quickly learn to see The Matrix and learn how to beat it.

Learn to fight, or die. No other options.

This is called commerce, just another name for War by paper against the inhabitants of a Country.

"You may not be interested in War, however, War is interested in you." Leon Trotsky

Never ever give your name to a Crown Revenue agent. This is called going public or joinder. By giving your name they link you to their or create a new one out of thin air "in fact". That is why the corporation created U.S. Citizen Ships for the Al Quida guys. The corporation can only act against vessels (Trusts, meaning Citizen Ships) not against men.
Admiralty Law. Corporations can only lay claim to Vessels, to make a claim against a person is an unconscionable act, see UCC.
Wha they are saying is that taking slaves is cool as long as they are brain dead vessels.
To claim a sentient human being who can act in commerce as a person is an unconscionable act.
This is not morality it is more about self preservation. A man (The One) who can act in commerce using his person can sink a he'll of a lot of Admiralty Vessels.
So they are just saying to steer clear of the conscious Free Minds in your Slave claiming "business".


The Oracle

How Else Could They Take Our Lives Away?

It all goes back to the beginning of man and beyond. For every good thing there is an evil thing and I won't name names here but we know if we were raised to believe that there is evil in this world, and evil exists to steal, kill and destroy anyone and everyone who resists it.

If they can create "money" out of thin air, they also can create poverty, debt, illnesses, and everything else we are willing to fall for. They set up traps to harm us and they have no capacity for caring or compassion for anyone but themselves, so why does anyone think that the strawman would be such a myth and so hard to understand.

They know if they actually did what they ally want to do it would be too obvious and the people would have seen their evil long ago, but this way they were able to keep their evildoing hidden from the slumbering public and we are just starting to see the truth and now they are doing everything they can to protect their plan and their time is about to run out.

Guess what else? All we have to do is what we were taught by the good people in our lives and just stay out of trouble with the law. Do good and there won't be a problem. Help your neighbors and be the person you were designed to be.

It will all come out and they won't be able to hide it any more.

The strawman or whatever else they've devised to deceive us with will all be revealed and their true colors will come out. It's just a matter of time.

Fighting back against the injustice of children's services in
Paducah, Kentucky.among other injustices there.




I reserve the right to govern myself.

Another piece to the Strawman Puzzle

"19th Century Latin forgery deliberately introduced into early LAW DICTIONARIES to protect the use of UPPER CASE naming and discourage its wider practice. The phrase claims the meaning "The highest, most comprehensive loss of status through CAPITALIZATION" and attributes this to the alleged ancient pre-Vatican Roman Law of naming slaves in CAPITALS. Contrary to misleading historical accounts, bicameral scripts (UPPER CASE and LOWER CASE) known as MAJUSCULE and MINUSCULE did not officially appear in European languages until the arrival of the printing press in the 15th Century, nor did the word CAPITAL have its meaning in terms of letters." (source unknown)

Notice the terms "loss of status" and "naming slaves in CAPITALS."


Good research..now we are getting somewhere..but too bad about the source.


Shaking my head. Team law is BS. http://suijurisclub.net/


I havent bothered to read this thread yet and may have time later, but the above site has a lot of useful information, and I dont recall it requiring you to pay for anything.

A lot of helpful information, not just straw man.

I will acknowledge money is involved.

But what in life doesn't when its actually worth something??

The amount of knowledge i've aquired through TeamLaw and the Way Of Kings was done at such a rapid pace there is no way I could have ascertained the knowledge I have in the time frame I've done it, it was worth every freckin' penny for the value I received.

Waste your time on those free sites, for me, I like TeamLaw because it is like a tutor that I have at my disposal at any time during my self-education of the Law. Second to none, stop being stubborn and open up your mind. Would you expect to receive grade-A tutoring for free? No, of course not. Then how in the world can you expect to receive grade-A Tutoring in matters of the Law!!

TeamLaw is the absolute best thing one can do for themselves, personally, two people I know have signed up and we are working together to get some real things done for ourselves and our Country.

I've improved in my:
1. Vocabulary
2. Writing
3. Understanding of the Law
4. Understanding History
5. Reading the Law
6. Communicating in proper English
7. Understanding and utilizing Trust Structures for the benefit of me and my family

Just to name a few things. I can honestly say I understand money better than 99% of the population. Open your mind my friend, they have tons of content on their open forum board worth reading, I highly suggest you take advantage of such knowledge, and if you have a question, ask it to the admin.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

How is TeamLaw BS? Please

How is TeamLaw BS?

Please tell me that you've read through all of their FREE content?

I reserve the right to govern myself.

I don't understand why you would think this 'punches holes'

in the 'strawman theory', as you call it by going to 'team law'.

You do realize teamlaw are 'attorneys'. Attorneys are members of the BAR association. BAR stands for 'British Accreditation Registry'. Their allegiance is to the Queen of England.

Whatever makes you think this 'punches holes' in what you are calling a 'theory' when millions have already undergone a lawful process of recapturing their 'strawman' and reclaiming their signatures to all adhesion contracts such as drivers license, birth certificate, social security, pass port, etc?

Because the so-called Lawyers at Team Law....

Are not even BAR accredited attornies in the first place. Supporters are. But Team Law lawyers mainly just do the law and not "BAR" nonsense.

They are libertarians so to say they have need for the bar nonsense is a bit of a joke. There is no way they support the strawman theory.

All they are saying is the Media lies. Media claims they are reckless BAR attornies but many of them don't even have a license from the BAR. They just do "LAW" because "LAW" does not require any bar license to do.

Open shut case. They debunked strawman because everyone who has "escaped" the system did not do so using the excuse of an "invisible person" was in charge of them. The only ones who did escape were those who acknowledged the fact they are this person, and gave over their rights to a fictitious corporation known as the Federal Reserve. As trustee you were forced to serve in any capacities needed, until you declined to be one.

Are You Your NAME?

They debunked strawman because everyone who has "escaped" the system did not do so using the excuse of an "invisible person" was in charge of them. The only ones who did escape were those who acknowledged the fact they are this person, and gave over their rights to a fictitious corporation known as the Federal Reserve. As trustee you were forced to serve in any capacities needed, until you declined to be one.

We're not saying that some invisible person is in charge of us. The strawman isn't some imaginary friend who sits on the shoulder of a crazy person. It's a legal fiction created with the intention of tricking us into contracting against our knowledge.

I have a name, but I'm not my name. And it doesn't matter if it's all caps or all lower case, or written in purple, green or red. I'm a living breathing soul who happens to occupy a body, and it's my body they're after. If they can make me pay taxes, or pay for tickets, or buy a marriage license or pay for any number of things to line some fat cat's pocket in a big corporate office somewhere, they're "just doing their job." And even though many of them don't even know it, they're being used too. Their job is to keep up a quota and to get as many souls as they can to admit to being who they tell them they are, so they can make more money.

They don't give a rat's a*s about you, or me or anyone else. And they will do whatever they can to meet their quota of "fools" and laugh all the way to bank. This is reality folks. Learn who you REALLY ARE! You are not this fictitious person they created and you have rights that were given to you by your creator!

There are only three laws to obey. All the rest are just color of law and are for revenue. Stop paying into the bottomless pit of debt and start living your life like your creator intended you to while you still have breath in you and help others to do the same.

Fighting back against the injustice of children's services in
Paducah, Kentucky.among other injustices there.

The BAR is an association.

They do NOT license.

And you completely contradict yourself here:

"Open shut case. They debunked strawman because everyone who has "escaped" the system did not do so using the excuse of an "invisible person" was in charge of them. The only ones who did escape were those who acknowledged the fact they are this person, and gave over their rights to a fictitious corporation known as the Federal Reserve."


The State BARS sure do.
Even when the law or constitution makes clear note of the fact you do not need a license to practice law.

So I'm not sure what you mean by that. And it was referring to the fact that there is no "invisible" you. You are not impersonated at any time. In simple terms, you remain as a natural US citizen who is beholden to serve as trustee in any capacity they wish to use you. "Strawman" says none of this and claims you are so-called invisible person.

The only truth in here, is the moment you resign as trustee you are no longer obligated to that contract. You can claim your life as a "natural person" as defined, rather than claim insanity by seeming to state you were an "invisible" person.

Natural Person vs Corporate Person is the real battle. Strawman is just a convoluted distraction.

You saw what I saw

in that response.
Is it just semantics?

The thread might be confusing

but if you'll check again you will see that my response was not to you.

Truck On

meekandmild's picture

so now you got

shredded wheat?

This is extremely important

This is extremely important to understand because the strawman is leading patriots in the wrong direction. If you followed the thread then you realize that the strawman theory is not accurate.

I reserve the right to govern myself.

The "Strawman" is the Strawman Distraction

"By way of deception, we shall wage war"

The Strawman: Invented by "fake" libertarians to fool real libertarians.

Those fake libertarians are of course neocons. I'm catching on fast aren't I?

Interesting quote

"By way of deception, we shall wage war"

They need war to give you the illusion of Gov't.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." ~ Albert Einstein

Hey Sam.. Did you read the thread in the link?

If so, whats your take on it?

I reserve the right to govern myself.

That the Strawman theory.....

Is nothing more than new-age zionist crap. Pseudo science at its worst.

"Inserted by Admin:
Herein is the problem with such bogus “theories” — they require “reading between the lines”. The simplest fact remains, there is only one you. Though you may serve in any number of capacities, you remain you alone; not a real you and some other bogus you. Anyone attempting to be you is merely a counterfeit. No amount of study will change this fact. There is no strawman!

Only part of this total nonsense is correct. That is people are sovereigns, but not fictitious. They are sovereign "natural persons" as shown in the constitution.

The constitution stated "all men are created equal" and the clause as Judge napolitano point out, set it up so you would be equal to corporate persons. Corporate persons were NEVER meant to be considered people, that was reserved for natural persons.

At the same time these fictitious corporations took over, it did not create a fictitious "invisible" you. You belong in a funny farm if you actually believe this. What it did do, is created a non-negotiable "trust" in your name - making you a debt slave to the fictitious corporate person aka the IRS. Every traffic ticket, every violation, every law that is put on the books, is designed to keep you paying off that debt and give up your natural man status.

Thumbs up my Man!


I reserve the right to govern myself.

Golda Meir:

"There was never such thing as Palestinians as they did not exist."

Now we have learned with proof positive, the absolute lows that the elite will stoop to.