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What Needs to Be Done

Originally posted by jonahtrainer at the Ron Paul Forums. Thread can be found here

"We need to take action. We need to expose all the county chairs in the whole USA to the ideas discussed by Ron Paul. They will bring all the other republicans with them. Here is what I propose:

1. Put together a packet on the GOP values.

a. Less Taxes
b. Less Government
c. More Personal Responsibility
d. More Individual Freedom
e. Family Empowerment
f. Strong national defense

2. Put together where Bush and the Republicans have betrayed these values

a. Inflation tax (falling dollar), sound Money, removing the IRS
b. DHS, No Child Left Behind, TSA, etc.
c. Where should we start?
d. PATRIOT Act, Military Commissions Act (no Habeas Corpus; explain what Habeas Corpus is; this will get them fired up. I will be lecturing on Habeas Corpus to my new Romney friend and his group and Romney’s talk in the debate about doubling Gitmo. He didn't even know what Habeas Corpus was!?!)
e. No Child Left Behind, home school, keeping more of our $$, etc.

3. Put together a DVD of Ron Paul’s speeches that address these GOP values. The Iowa Straw Poll is an excellent speech to use. The more the better. Put in some old stuff from the 70’s and 80’s to really fan the fire. They will go ‘Where has this guy been? How have I not heard of him?’ We want ‘blowback’ against the MSM!
4. Put these sheets of paper, issues, a slim-jim and the DVD in an envelope and mail or hand deliver it to the person. Have some crafty girl write on the outside ‘The Real Republican’ Give it a personal touch.
5. For the real adventurous: Contact the Democratic counterpart. Explain you are a Republican and you do not want them to get screwed like we did. Try to build on the common ground of the Constitution. Then give them Ron Paul’s Iowa Straw poll speech for this type of person. Constitutional stuff is what we need. Deep down most Democrats have a similar feeling. We as a people, on both sides, know we have held inviolate the Constitution. Let them know the big dollars are lining up behind the Democrats (Hillary and Barack and not their honest candidates like Gravel) just like the Republicans in 2000 and 2004. Let them know this is not good for The People and they will probably get screwed like we did with Bush. Then just leave them the package if they will agree to view it."

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an angle we'll want to play up

>>> Put in some old stuff from the 70’s and 80’s to really fan the fire. They will go ‘Where has this guy been? How have I not heard of him?’ We want ‘blowback’ against the MSM! <<<

The GOP grassroots hate the Dino Media, and consider them "liberal" (liberals often are amazed and consider the Dino Media "conservative", but that's a story for another time). We can use this to our advantage by emphasizing the way the Dino Media has worked to suppress Ron Paul and distort his campaign into a single-issue campaign by minimizing his camera time and always focusing their questions for him on the one issue most Republicans will find hardest to accept -- and trying hard to keep the Dr. away from health care, or indeed any subject where the vast majority of Republicans would be very warm to his positions. They've also, of course, distorted what he's said, in attempts to make it even *more* offensive to Republicans; that some "conservatives" (like Vannity) have eagerly helped in that effort is disgusting and shows the depth of the problem, but don't try to fight that battle with Republicans right off the bat. If they ask about it specifically, fill them in, but leave it for them to discover on their own.

The Dino Media attempt at keeping the one great GOP candidate out of the limelight is a storyline which will be accepted readily by most Republicans, if told properly. I'd let a Republican tell it. ;-)

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


I agree with JimmyLiberty - nix the attacks. The Republican chairs already know Bush's approval ratings are horrible. Instead, show them about the path not taken. For instance, mention the FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT proposed back in 1994. Lots of other examples to tie your points back to Republican history like Ron Paul does by mentioning Taft. Good luck!

I'm willing to tackle this...

the writing part, that is, but I need a few weeks to tie up a few personal loose ends.

Small government and families

How does a small government "empower families"? Other than just leaving people alone and letting them keep more of their money, that is. But if you do that, "family empowerment" should just be understood. {shrug}

Go soft on number 2...

Going negative and attacking Republicans won't convince them. Stay positive and explain how we can do better and then you might get them to listen. Otherwise they'll turn you off...

http://www.jimmyliberty.com loves Ron Paul

Phase out Social Security,

Phase out Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, Food Stamps, Welfare, Farm Subsidies, Corporate Welfare, War on Drugs, Earmarks, Housing Vouchers, Departments of Education, Homeland Security, Energy, Health and Human Services... etc End foreign involvment, most defense spending, FEMA, the UN... There's a lot to do!!!