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Stefan Molyneux on Ron Paul's Philosophies

Dr. Ron Paul Part 1: The Shape of Things to Come:

Dr. Ron Paul Part 2: Answers to Criticisms:

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Sorry, but this guy has

Sorry, but this guy has bothered me ever since I watched the following video in 2008:

The Anarchist Roundtable #1: Ron Paul

Then there is this:
The Ron Paul Revolution - A Postmortem (and prescription)

I see a pattern developing here. If those videos don't give you the creepy crawlies, this ought to do it:

Why are women so unhappy? A modest theory...

It must be in the eye of the beholder.

At 5 min in - he has made a Ron Paul Point

Ron Paul is the first to say "look to history." Ron Paul knows that history repeats itself, and that the price of freedom is eternal vigilence. He was very much aware that in the 1970s we weren't (collectively) ready to change, and now hopes we are.

When he advocates following the Constitution, and changing it if we want to, but not just ignoring it, is merely a way to make conservatives comfortable with conserving freedom--something that often makes them (some of them) nervous.

If anybody should follow the rule of law, it's the government. He shouldn't get confused about that. Individuals are the ones who can engage in nullification, civil disobedience, etc.

I'm not sure where he's going with this, but I wish he'd hurry up!

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


since Molyneux is nothing more than an obscure nobody with a bunch of made-up fantasies he thinks are important, I doubt that anybody would care what he thinks, or would pay any attention to him.

He exists as a YouTube curiosity freak show.

Stepping Up -- The Pace Quickens

Sunny, You Go Girl ! .... Imagine ... You ... posting this video commentary. I'm certain Ron Paul would be happy and proud. I mean this.

I have not listened to it all yet, so the point of my comment is certainly not to endorse the entirety of this guy's provocative tweak of Ron Paul supporters. I believe Ron Paul definately wants us to have this discussion. He wants us to understand these ideas on our way to embracing greater appreciation of freedom principles. THIS is the priority.

Consider the CNN story floating right now on the board:

"All of this comes from a man who has no illusions that he can win his party's presidential nomination, but that won't stop him from running again in 2012 if he decides to do so.

"It is probably hard to believe, but I look at it a little bit differently than others," Paul said in an interview during his recent visit to Iowa. "I don't expect to be president. I don't expect to be. That doesn't mean I won't run for president, but I am really energized when I think we make inroads ... to broaden the outreach on the philosophy I have been talking about for 40 years."

This guy Molyneux gets it. From what I've seen, I like his insights as he proves to be a superb spokesman for a very important viewpoint. Great for everyone in this movement to reflect upon, whether you are ready to agree with his conclusions or not. Speaking of reflection, I recently ran across where I twice linked to his comments more than 2 years ago on the classic: 'Quickening Thread', of which Rhino was so proud. Speaking of ancient classics, here's a thought, more apt now than when I made it several years ago at another crossroads for our movement, in a thread I titled 'MARCHING ORDERS: Quicken The Pace':

"Certainly, as a spokesman, Ron Paul is always on Message, and never inconsistent. Don’t get me wrong, as the original and current leader of this Movement, he has done an excellent job setting the parameters for this rEVOLution and who can deny his conspicuous integrity has raised the standard high. With his help, the rEVOLution can stay on track. With our help, there can be steady progress through Ron Paul, and through an expanding base of leaders, to get the Message out. By all means, our Mission is to continue to focus and discover each other. In doing this we must respond to the reality around us. The challenge is not just to get a vote out, however…..I believe it is about getting minds right."


r'Evolution is ultimately not about marching and troop movement, even when rationalized as advancing the Freedom Philosophy ...

.............it is about journeying and ...

................................................. sojourning ...

..................................................................... for truth.

God's Speed.

WOW! What a Loud Non-Stop Hit

WOW! What a Loud Non-Stop Hit Piece!!! Could he be so wrapped up in his own view of true "anarchist" that he fails to get what Ron Paul is saying. He loudly protests Ron Paul and his growing populist movement over the existing satanic powers of gov't with negative defeatism and irrational scenarios. Riots in the streets, a broken economy, mounting unemployment already exists. This is NOT a Ron Paul result. This is the reality of Ron Paul predictions.
When RP states:"we have lost our way", surely he is not talking historically about "slave beaters" but morally as truth seekers which has become a derogatory notion in USA.
His repetitious equating "libertarianism" with fascism, naziism, thuggery etc.etc. makes Molyneux sound like he is on a mission. But what exactly is that mission? He refers to 20 million illegal immigrants as Americans who will be victimized if the Amnesty law comes in (under Ron Paul, of course). His disdain for people in general, let alone those that may disagree with him is clearly definable as "craven" in his monologue. Why would he be so passionately opposed to such a gentle statesman as Ron Paul and his consistent political views? Because people are waking up?
Molyneux's repeated "it's not going to work"... does not persuade. I have respect for Stefan Molyneux's perspective of his world but do find his outpouring tedious after a short while and feel he does not offer anything substantive other than criticism of others, particular Ron Paul who DOES live by example and conviction.