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Specific property rights question regarding sounds and smells.

In my educational quest regarding the truths, benefits, and common sense of freedom I have run into a question that I can not answer effectively.

Is there a clear cut way to resolve excessive noise or smells intruding on someones property rights?

Ex. The neighbor fixing his house with a jack hammer at 3am.

Ex. You live in your house first and the next lot decides to become a landfill. (very smelly)

Can there be a set amount regarding this to settle such as for sound (No more then 80 decibels if past 11:00pm?) ?
You can only have so much smell intruding onto my property?

It seems that some noise or smell must be allowed but how much? Who decides? Is it the opinion of every property owner and judge?

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Local ordinances

typically govern these issues but depending on the issue they may fall under federal and/or state law also.

This is info from the Washington (state.)