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Race: It's what's for dinner

Arizona's "crackdown" on illegal hispanics:
Despite illegal immigration decreasing for years, AZ suddenly makes a big show. As a GOP state, this sends a clear message to hispanics, hate the GOP. That's all the "crackdown" is about. It isn't real.

The LeBron story:
After seeing how basketball has served as a catalyst in LA, they move LeBron to a hispanic-rich area. That further ties hispanics to blacks...and anti-white struggles. I'm sure there is more to that, but that will be one of the planned results.

Fox is still harping on "alledged" Black Panther bullying:

Story about white cop shooting cuffed black man:
The powers that be calculated how much they could offend blacks without much violence; the result: cop is guilty with light sentence...and all the right-wing propagandists gloss it over. For example: Larry Wax station 101.5 said killing him wasn't a big deal since he would have probably died by age 25 due to his thug lifestyle.

Why do all this?
For many reasons, but mostly to prevent a diverse group of people screaming for a smaller government. It makes the group that is screaming conservatism mostly white, thus, it is easy to write them off as racists.

No doubt, conservatives have some momentum...and the powers that be know they can't beat us with reason, so they go to their STRONGEST tactic: distracting and dividing us with racial issues.

That is what they effectively used against the Tea Party, that is what they effectively used against Rand Paul, that is what they will use against Ron Paul.


Simply, reaching out to minorities will work wonders.

Tell/sell them how Conservatism eliminates corruption, allows the real and full truth to get out in the media, etc. Heck, there should be a Conservative flyers created to target each non-white group. Non-whites actually have a conservative foundation; they just have all this propaganda confusing them. All we have to do is reach to their natural conservative foundation.

The key word is "reach".

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They have been ramping up the war on drugs propaganda

and the assaults on the small family farmers are increasing. Further, they are using the excuse of the war on drugs to invade Costa Rica and your bedroom in the same breath.
End the war on drugs; a huge failure except it's ability to extort money and property, and collapse infrastructures thru false flag violence.

And never forget, “Humans, despite our artistic pretensions, our sophistication and many accomplishments, owe the fact of our existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains.”

They are the world's biggest drug merchants

but they hijack the resistence to drugs movement in order to assure there is no resistence

Hijacking is one of their major tactics. The Ron Paul Revolution was hijacked by their manufactured Tea Partiers...and then had them associated with racism...so that Ron Paul's people would be associated with racism.

I agree

good assessment. The powers that be sure are working this angle and hope we can over come it and help others to see it.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

I agree too

I guess the "terrorist" boogeyman isn't enough for them anymore, so they are turning up the heat on race as they have done before here in the US and elsewhere. It is all meant to create division.