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Number if nuclear explosions from 1945-1998 (cool video)...USA 1032, Russia..

Russia 715....lists other countries also


Wonder how the human race survived...especially out in the American west...so many detonated there....geez....

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my first thoughts

I had no idea Britain was testing nukes in America

I wonder why India launched only one nuke for so long. Funding? Political pressure? Humbleness? No desire need?

Also at the end it shows a summary for each country. When it goes USA it lights up on Nagasaki and Hiroshima repetitively. Is that because it's just marking points in overview or something else?

amazing work thank you

It is just showing where each

nuke was detonated....I had no idea the US exploded 1032 nukes....where is all the fallout? They really hid a lot of stuff from its citizens.

That I believe is because

That I believe is because most of them were/are done by underground testing

hey I put that exact link up!

perhaps it wasn't at DP that I posted it...

great minds... /o)

Ask your typical treehugger IF they know how many AIR-BORNE nuclear tests that all nuclear nations on Earth have conducted since 1945. Chances are not too many would EVER venture to guess that they were in, NOT 10's, NOT 100's, but a THOUSAND PLUS.

I always use that stat., the FACT of 1000+ AIRBORNE nuke tests, post-1945, to illustrate to the brainwashed adherents of AnthroProgenic global warming who believe that our use of Petrol & its byproducts are the predominant cause of climate change; if what they understand about the ozone layer is true, it were LONG destroyed by nuclear particulates with half-life on average 1.5mil yrs; they've destroyed the ozone layer at a faster rate than it can ever recover fully on its own. Not to mention, attributing to rising cancer rate, globally.

Plus, I always point to the polar icecaps discovered on Mars by US, Russian & European probes since mid 1990's, and how it has shrunk by 40-60%, since then. So I guess they're saying that a bunch of rednecks in SUV's with 2ft riser suspensions, and 9mpg guzzlers have been driving on the surface of Mars all these yrs?

So IF anything, even IF they believe we were the sole cause, it's not petrol & its byproducts, as much as the man-made 1000+ airborne nuke tests conducted over the yrs.

Besides, how will carbon cap & trade and carbon tax EVER going to restore the nuke destroyed ozone, or if what they say is true, SUV created global warming?

As long as it FEELS good or what gvt promises it'd be so, it must true!

Climate Change has ALWAYS been a natural cycle on Earth. Our recorded history, as well as IRREFUTABLE Polar & Greenland's IceCore samples tell us as much. As such, it is the SUN, the SUN, the SUN.

Of course, not to say that we should not move away from petrol, as its carbon MONOXIDE (CO) plus other crap coming out the exhaust are THE TOXINS, not to mention smog. NOT CO2, which is what plants NEED to grow and produce Oxygen for us to breathe.

I understand that public indoctrination schools have declined in quality exponentially over the years, but don't they teach about the concept and reality of "PhotoSynthesis," anymore or what?

Key is UNSUBSIDIZED, DECENTRALIZED, off-the Grid new zero emission energy sources that the Gvt and Oil Co. has suppressed, hijacked and murdered for, to keep it out of public, until they figure out a way to attach a meter to it.

Plus, even for the Statist lunatics, IF they were really serious, instead of subsidizing a fascistic State-Private energy utility co's new centralized solar grid, they'd mandate that new home builds ALL have solar panels. THAT would be real freedom, even under their dilapidated idea of such, but no. Their goal is centralization, their grid, their money gobbler, aka. the meter.

You'd think the feel good, well meaning kum ba ya fake "environmentalists" would see through this con, but sadly no.

truly unfortunate.

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Good points, BleauCream