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The BodyArmor of the Future is here.

Though Dragon Skin (http://www.pinnaclearmor.com/body-armor/dragon-skin/dragonsk...) becoming the new standard TODAY, would be nice, but here's what the inbred-degenerate "QueenMum's" Military Industrial Complex, BAE, are proposing.

Behold, the "Liquid Armour:" http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science_and_environment/10569761.stm

I've read about this yrs ago from, DARPA, and possibly DuPont and American university labs inventing something similar.

I was personally saddened to see one of my favorite AMERICAN holster mfg. SafariLand, got SOLD to douchebag "Royals" owned BAE. Argh!!!

But, I suppose I can be a minority, in that opinion.

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This'll never be as strong as

This'll never be as strong as multiple layers of carbon nanotube mesh explosively bonded to multiple layers of amorphous steel.

I am out of touch with most Americans precisely because I am not out of touch with reality.

I don't know how soon commercial carbon nanotubes can become

an affordable reality, but was watching Michio Kaku's series on the Discovery Science Channel recently based on his "Physics of Impossible" book. In his "lightsaber" episode, if one were to attempt one based on current, or "just around the corner" tech, he was speaking on how carbon nanotubes can double as a battery.

THAT I would love to see become a reality.

And once that becomes feasible, imagine, an atom up design plus a built-in nano-sized almost infinite energy source? The Sky is the limit. As long has one has imagination to do so, the possibilities are endless!

And it will become a reality within the next 50yrs, short of NWO lunatics wiping the current civilization off the map, starting with a falseflagging to get us into WWIII with Iran.

Short of that, the future, I maintain, shows an AWESOME promise for the human family.



something like cornstarch