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Doug Wead: No, I have not been banned by FOX because of Ron Paul

“Thomas Jefferson lives. He’s Ron Paul.”

I’ve been getting a lot of mail asking if I am in trouble over my recent “Thomas Jefferson – Ron Paul” quote on FOX. One blogger mentioned my recent cancellation on a show. Here is an update. Yes, I was cancelled for a taping this week but it surely had nothing to do with anything I said about Ron Paul. It was a scheduling issue.

Meanwhile, YouTube’s of that “Ron Paul” moment have been popping up like mushrooms after the rain. One had 3,000 hits in the last few days. And those views are often monitored by television producers. So it came as no surprise that yesterday I got a call from FOX to come in and comment on the Chelsea Clinton wedding. So forget the ban idea.

My feelings? Three cheers for the Freedom of the Press. And three cheers for FOX, which allows some diversity from the stifling, uniform, rigidity of opinion that dominates “news” in America.

You would think that the public would eventually get bored by the repetition. You would think that the elitists themselves would be bored. Thank God for Republicans and Democrats who can offer a divergent opinion or a reconfigured combination, like a conservative Republican who might be in favor of gun control or a liberal Democrat who may oppose abortion. The bitter orthodoxy of America’s two party system is so confining.

Do I like what Ron Paul is saying? Yes, absolutely. I favor an end to corruption, where wives of Senators hold lucrative jobs from the very lobbyists who try to influence their votes? I favor an end to ongoing wars of decades that bleed our national treasury and lose their original purpose?

So was I biased when I compared Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy to Ron Paul’s? Absolutely not.

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