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Liberals finally take notice: RAWstory- "More and more Americans preparing for social collapse"

yes please!

Survivalism, independence, off-the-grid living is here to stay, and a growing meme at that.

nice of them to take notice; better to be late, than never having mentioned it at all.


the Quickening continues...

RON PAUL 2012!!!

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It's interesting to see that several of

the comments talk about joining the police or military to keep "order".

Very different mindset from liberty sites where individuals value peace and order but achieved by persuasion and rational self interest, not to be achieved by force.

Believe it or not, they write things like that in jest

Like, "look at what the crazy "wingnuts"(their word) are up to now." They don't even need to add commentary anymore; they know their audience very well.

Yup, but I do believe it is somewhat significant to note that

they're admitting a rising number of hippies, treehuggers, and other "green environmentalists" on "their side" of the false L/R paradigm that have begun to prepare to live off the grid, in growing numbers.

how that translates politically with those of us, more on the Rawles' camp, remains to be seen.

well, in an ideal world, none of us would see anyone else with some artificial label. But no doubt, as you proffer, they do mix the 'hey look at the gun toting crazies living off the land, out to get you some day!' type nonsense and throw in Ted Kaczynski motiff, then you get your insta-SPLC hitpiece that will make any brainwashed liberal into being knee-jerked, Pavlov-doped or scared off of any attempt to bridge "ours" and "their" sides whom in reality share FAR more in common than not.

I see more of that now that "libertarianism" and Ron and Rand Paul has become much more prominent in the MSM; the neoLiBs have not ceased one second from trying to vilify ANY independent American streak as some BS. "racist" anti-oBUSHma, and anti-gvt (ooh, as if there's NOTHING more Patriotic than being ANTI-GVT, PRO-Freedom/Liberty, and PRO-Constitution). They want anyone sitting on the fence on the "Left" to be scared sh*tless of AntiWar, NON-Statist, NON-Collectivist, PRO-Constitution, AnarchoCapitalists, libertarians, Constitutionalists, OldRight, paleo-Conservatives, et al.

But, I am firmly of the mind that it ain't gonna work.

The realities of laws of economics is gonna force them to face the currency crisis in the coming months, and related political fallout, by proxy, whether they continue to remain in their bubble of delusion, or not. I'd say tough sh*t, on them! /o)

RON PAUL 2012!!!