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CNN: Sheriff Arpaio SWAT raids his political enemies,

based on trumped up, BOGUS charges of theft of money, and illegal weapons charge.

Just one in a lone line of his latest victims? The Former Maricopa County School Superintendent Sandra Dowling, who had her reputation, finances and life RUINED.

CNN July 9, 2010 Headline: "Arizona sheriff under investigation for alleged abuse of power"


This is gvt at its best; they only know TWO methods of dealing with YOU, their EMPLOYERS: a LawSuit, or SWAT raids.

Take a pick.

We need the CONSTITUTIONAL Sheriffs, the likes of Richard Mack in Arizona, not some neoCON scum parading as a lawful "crimefighter" who does more political grandstanding than actually put any REAL dent in violent crimes, not to mention kidnappings, and illegal aliens running rampant in Maricopa County, as well as rest of Arizona.

IF such allegations of commission of real significant crimes were true, this is a problem that SHOULD, and MUST be dealt with at the State level, by Maricopan residents voting him out, or, impeached, arrested, indicted and imprisoned.

The problem with FEDs coming into muddy the waters of the supremacy of the Sheriff as the highest "law enforcement" civil servant in the county, becomes highly problematic, as their cases are ALWAYS politically motivated (well, I suppose one can proffer that ALL gvt prosecutions are politically motivated, whether it is local, state, or fed), EVEN if the intended target is an UNCONSTITUTIONAL piece of trash, self-deluded narcissistic Mafiosi wannabe, and an embarrassment to all progeny of Sicilian descent, one Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Richard Mack for Governor!

Or hell, Attorney General, under a Ron Paul admin. has a nice ring to it.


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I think he's played the justice system

as long as they could stomach him. The dude is finished.