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Building Web Sites. Our Big Mistakes, and How We Made Them.

I typed into a website the name I was searching for, and it automatically purchased it. Charged me nothing, but they wont let me point it anywhere, so basically they got me held hostage for 4$ a month till I can move it, when I can get the same crap for $10 a year.

I though this was relevant to here because there are so many comp folks, but..........

Disclaimer - Opinion -

Don't ever buy a domain name from webhost4life dot com. In my opinion it's a total ripoff. You call support and they say they will help, but they don't. So now this name for a customer is stuck in limbo land (3 months) till I can move it to another registrar, and I didn't even pay for it. One click screwed. Watch out.

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Building Web Sites. Our Big Mistakes, and How We Made Them.

This Web Site building information is very good.

Change Your Forum Title to Include Us All.

Title suggestion in my post title.

You might consider sharing the fun and blame. Let us share with each other what we consider big mistakes and how we solved them.

Rather than shouldering responsibility for mistakes that taught me lessons, I am more comfortable learning from the folly of others.

Thanks for your help.

Building Web Sites. Our Big Mistakes, and How We Made Them.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Thanks for posting this.

I've been toying with the idea of starting a website, but given that everything would be a shot in the dark for me, it is helpful to know what to avoid.

Let us know how you get on in future with your website building efforts - both good and bad.

Some tips for the future and

Some tips for the future and for anyone else who is also looking to build a site:

- It's best not to register your domain with your host. Register domains with domain registrars and get your hosting from web hosting companies. Don't mix the two, keep them separate.

- Suggested registrars: GoDaddy, Moniker, eNom, Tucows/OpenSRS, Network Solutions (I've read the Moniker often rates as most secure for domain registrants).

- Regarding the name, I would suggest registering something similar... maybe the .us, .biz, .info or other TLD version. Continue on with the project and as soon as you can get your hands on the .org you setup a 301 redirect from whatever other TLD you use and re-establish the site on the .org


I wasted more of their time

I wasted more of their time on the phone (in support hours) to the point where they gave in and just put in the proper dns info for free.

So that'll work for 3 months or whatever it is till I can move it somewhere else.


Japanese Disaster Backup/Recovery Site Project Host Request

I have a current request for where to host a Japanese Disaster Backup/Recovery Site.

They have small sites in Japan. They are looking to prepare a data repository for a database server and small business data here in the USA.

They considered putting their own server on a host site here. Seems to me that for now, their requirements would be satisfied with local hosting of data here in the USA. They already have a host name, running apps and a database server.

Suggestions on bargain hosting services such as DailyPaul's Falcon Internet? They would benefit from Japanese language phone support.

Perhaps, we could create a CraigsList for Liberty. Service provided/offered.


Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I use UltimaHosts for my

I use UltimaHosts for my projects, but I lease/rent a good sized VPS unit. I love it, it's very fast and price is competitive, although not the cheapests.

They are $10 a month for shared database space MSSQL, and not sure on normal hosting sites. Support is good, although it's email only basically. Not much phone stuff going on there.


Yes. This Topic Is of Interest

Perhaps a forum to guide us on how to successfully create a website? Include the wisdom you gain by doing so, and pick up interest along the journey with us. A good story is sought after. I have posted a few comments encouraging Liberty minded candidates to improve their sites and support others that support them...

Strongly Support Liberty Candidates.

Competing w/ IRS Money Bomb Tuff .. Your Site Is An Island?

Suggested creating a "Liberty" credit union.

So You Want to Start a Credit Union? You May Loan $2 M Free.

Start Our Own "Liberty and Justice Credit Union"


Make Your Own Free Public Service Announcement.

Free "Public Service" ... Liberty Candidate Free

Mark Twain Autobiography Available 100 Years Late. Wrote This One Myself. Procrastinated.

Best wishes on your new web site. Let us know about your travels. That is how I became known to so many.

Mark Twain - Complete works of Mark Twain Biography, Quotes

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

If want to know about that..

If want to know about that.. You'll have to google this:

black (dont use the stuff in paren) hat (again, skip the paren) seo.

Hope that was helpful. Url will have 2 of the 3 words.


If its any consolation, you could try to buy another domain name

with a different extension. Although you may not want a name that has an extension already you could buy that domain w/ another ext., say net instead of com or org. They are considered different domains even though the base name is the same.

finish auto-reply

Thank God for bugs, they're company for those in solitary confinement.

For some reason, we're expected to know every law that exists in America & in our state so we don't break it. We're supposed to know this when we're 18. There's no litmus test for them, as in the 10 commandments or rhyme or reason. C.U.R.E.

I bought a specific .ORG for

I bought a specific .ORG for a customer. I'm dead in the water. 3 month delay.......


Get a reseller account on

Get a reseller account on opensrs if you do this kind of thing a lot. It's well worth it.

It's not common but I will

It's not common but I will check it out, because it could become common.

Most of my domain names I own came during a nice long night of drinking, and WH4L was very cool about it - easy thing.

Then they changed. Damn, all the good thoughts come when having a few beers.

Even my primary site: loneaspen I got sick and tired of people calling me Mr. Woods. I'd say "I'm just a tree, not a forest." Then one day, I thought of one tree, had a single aspen tree in the yard (that I planted) and said hey - loneaspen = onetree. Just how it works sometimes.


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This OP is very relevant to many who

want to begin websites. Is it best to secure the domain name through a site like GoDaddy, then decide what host page to use and transfer the domain there, or is there a cleaner, more efficient rout to avoid extra steps?

You gotta use a real host. I

You gotta use a real host. I use a real host, but was logged into my alt acct and I was in the process of cancelling. They bit me hard.

In the web, you got 100 user names and even more accts for doing stuff. It's nuts. I'm not sure of GoDaddy because I require things most hosts want $10 a month for, and I want them for free (or $10 a year). Just how I am. I'm a super cheap multi letter word.

I won't give out my registrar, because I don't even know who they are, it's affiliate based, but man they rock this world for service.

Here is a link, good luck for it to work:


They still rock though. If you take too long on the phone, all they ask if you add another year to service. $10.00 USD Certified FRNS. But you don't have to do that, they just like to get paid.

If you want nice webhosting, Webhost4life is pretty good, but the domains are hell (opinion). Lol.

If you got something small and you know Asp.net/html (and don't need a site builder), contact me, cause I run a nice server, plenty o room for accts for Liberties lovers across the world (and if you are small, I can host for nada).

If you get bigger, i'll just say, "hey gonna cost X or time to go find a real host", because by then you'll be rolling in cash.

:-) Happy Saturday Night!

I'm very happy. Was a celebration, 250,000 games played on my site - oh yes. (1 year), shooting for 1 million by Jan 1. Things going well I must say. Still poor, but still cranking better each day.


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or if you want to start very simple & free

try a Google Site or Blogger. Google App Engine allows free, self-scaling server scripting once you get more advanced.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

I use the blogs to write

I use the blogs to write stuff to promote my own site. Otherwise they are kinda useless for a real website.

If you want your own site, you gotta work HARD. It's very competitive, think of all the folks sitting in front of comp thinking "how can I make money doing nothing?".

I have 10-20 accts on every blog site you could imagine. All with unique content, talking about my site. Hard work.