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C4L Action Alert Stop Harry Reid's Cloture Vote On HR4173 He Is Trying To Ram Through In The Next 24 Hours!

July 14, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Fresh from the July 4 recess, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying his best to ram through another big government powergrab as quickly as possible.

A cloture vote on H.R. 4173, the so-called “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” (which should really be called the Dodd-Frank Fed Empowerment Act), is expected in less than 24 hours.

Your help is needed to stop this latest attack on the market. Please contact your senators right away ( http://paracom.paramountcommunication.com/ct/4409454:6596553... ) and urge them to reject the Dodd-Frank bill by voting against it at every opportunity, including cloture.

The “Dodd-Frank Fed Empowerment Act” deepens the government’s interference in the economy, creates additional layers of bureaucracy (including a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau housed at and funded by the Federal Reserve), institutionalizes bailouts, and even allows the government to seize firms if it deems them to be a “threat” to the economy.

H.R. 4173 would also prevent the Fed from being fully accountable by watering down Audit the Fed.

Here’s some language you can use when contacting your senators.


I urge you to vote against H.R. 4173, the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform bill, which not only fails to address the causes of the current economic crisis but sets the stage for even worse ones down the road.

This dangerous legislation would reward those who helped wreck our economy with more power. The Federal Reserve, whose loose money policies fueled the boom and brought about the bust, would house and fund the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The legislation may also lead to further takeovers of private businesses based on nothing more than assurances from the government that they could pose a threat in the future.

This is not the way the economy works in a free society.

If Congress is serious about real financial reform, it must pass S. 604 to completely and thoroughly audit the Federal Reserve and find out what has been done with the taxpayers’ money.

I again urge you to vote against H.R. 4173 and to do everything in your power to seek a standalone vote for S. 604. I will be sure to let my fellow constituents know how you vote on these critical issues.


You can also let your senators know that Campaign for Liberty will regard any vote in support of H.R. 4173 – including cloture – as vote to empower the Fed when reporting to our members.

Your senators need to hear from you right away. Please contact them today!

In Liberty,

John Tate


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I'm trying to figure out how

I'm trying to figure out how law can empower the Fed more. My understanding is that they ARE the government.

It's like a leviathan that's out of control...

The Federal Reserve is growing so large that it wants to have control over every aspect of commerce, a micro chip on every product. A camera in every window.

A corporation on every doorstep. An entire networked slave-host infrastructure run by the Federal Reserve beast which began in 1913.

Thanks Thomas, I put the alert up on the Ron Paul app as well

Is there anything else we can do at the moment besides calling and emailing our senators and getting the alert out?

Yeah poq You Could Post It On Every Blog And Social Networking

site you know of as fast as you can...send it to your entire email list...and call your reps repeatedly...burn the lines up...overload the system...threaten the hell out of them that they will get voted out if they do not start supporting Ron Pauls efforts to audit the FED and get rid of it and get back to the Constitution!!!


Thanks for posting Thomas.

good to see it on the front page.

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sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Since The DP And C4L Are The 2 Biggest Ron Paul Sites...

why is there no communication between them on critical time events like this???? Is this the best we can do to get this critical information front paged???

This is about The FED!!!

(edit thanks for the front page)

reedr3v's picture


. Good point.

That about sums it up

The Fed bills in a nutshell should be front-paged along with liberty-threatening legislation - Right here at Daily Paul, Campaign for Liberty and the others.

Bump....A Senate with no morals.

Is a sham of a Senate....


Ban the remaining voting machines, they are a foreign act of treason.

I Guess Competing Currency In Michigan Is More Important....

I'm frustrated at this...in my opinion as soon as it hit the board it should have been front paged at the top. And I care not if its retitled,copied and pasted by someone else just get the damned thing on the front page!!!!!!!!!!!