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Countries without central banks - who are they?

Does someone have a list of the countries that do not have a central bank? I imagine it would be an interesting list!

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There are countries that don't have their own currencies.

But right now, they all predominantly use currencies that are issued by central banks.

does this include nations that are sovereign

but that don't have their own currency?

A better question

would be: which country is closest to establishing a commodity backed currency? or closest to abolishing fractional reserve banking?

if they don't

they are infinitly in debt to the IMF or World Bank

A definitive answer

Can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_central_banks
Only Andorra and Monaco are completely free of central banks. Panama does not have an "official" central bank or print its own money (US dollars are used), but the Banco Nacional de Panamá is government-owned and operated.

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This is an interesting question. It would be

interesting also to review the state of their economies, civil rights, other major factors. Edit: Mike Lawson adds some unsavory regimes to the list, showing that central banks are not really the central issue.

Very interesting. Especially Andorra.

I've visited Andorra, and I would be very willing to move there, if I could talk my wife into it. it's a big tax haven and freeport. No income taxes or sales taxes and damn few taxes of any kind. You get waved through the borders with no hassles (although returning to Spain or France, THEIR customs agents will check you out.) It's beautiful, clean, peaceful, prosperous and FREE. Andorrans have one of the very highest life expectancies in the world. And the cost of living there is low -- for Europe. I understand that the government there is the smallest in the world, per capita. And no central bank.
Drawbacks: it's extremely difficult to get citizenship (residency is pretty easy) and they do have socialized medicine. You won't be able to open a business without having an Andorran partner. And it's cold up in the Pyrenees; the main industry is ski tourism. The native language there is Catalan, a bitch to learn, but Spanish and French are understood everywhere. Not many Americans there, but we found several Brits & Aussies.

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The Rothschilds don't control these countries:

Iran; North Korea; Sudan; Cuba; and Libya

They still have central banks

Every one of them. So the citizenry there is enslaved by different gangs of banksters, that's all.

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Very true

It's just interesting how these particular ones are so demonized in our media.

Belize I believe I do not

Belize I believe
I do not think their currency is even on the market

Belize does have an official currency...BZ$

and is pegged BZ$2 = US$1

Looks like you're wrong?

According to Wikipedia, they do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_Bank_of_Belize

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

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