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RT: WalMartization of Weed

Marijuana advocates and experts are claiming that California Proposition 19 could bring in one billion dollars in taxes if the people vote to make recreational use legal. Proposition 19 has a good chance of passing now more than ever due in part to the economy. But this has mom and pop growers fearing if legalized, industrial scale gardens would put them out of business. Alyona talks to Allen St. Pierre the Executive Director at The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws to find out if this will be the next corporate playground in America.

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Any body ever think to package some good squeef with a dvd

on liberty? I mean I know there are more than a few people on here that have social relations with cannabis. Get the right strain and a good DVD on stretching the limits of liberty in a package deal. Kind of like the samples from half baked. Expand your mind 2 for one combo.

The reason I ask is I have been thinking and I just saw a comment on the Natgeo's new Drugs Inc. special on cannabis where the king of cannabis said he met some dude in asia that told him to start distributing pot because it would make him wealthy. The wise old man also suggested that the power of cannabis was so great it could bring down governments. This is something that we need to push in the liberty movement. More people that get stoned...the more people question the government.

Legalize it already.

The problem is all the money it generates illegally funding the war on drugs (a thing}. Like the war on terror (a thing). Something never ending and cannot ever be defined as "won".
Russia can address this on news, yet it will be ignored here.

Always complaining people

Always complaining people are. They were complaining earlier that since everybody would be growing it, there would be lower prices and lower taxes earned on the weed. Lol. They should be thankful it would be legal, but they don't want any competition. Afraid the "big-box" stores will drive them out of business. Gosh its not that hard, if they are doing the cheap easy ways to grow marijuana. Why not specialize in a certain type. Or grow organically. Use special soil. Grow hydroponically. Whatever you gotta do. Its capitalism at its finest in finally seeing a new "old" market.

Now just gotta legalize hemp. I would be all over that.


when the gov takes over they will make it to where mom and pops can't get in the game.
the way they did it in Colorado was to throw regulation after regulation at the dispensary's and made state permits that cost around $8000 for a small disp and about $16,000 for a larger one just to get a 1 year permit. also you will need to hire a lawyer and accountant to properly comply. they are also requiring thousands of dollars in video surveillance equipment and other security measures before you can start. the video cameras will be monitored by state regulators off-site (big brother always watching).

total start up cost will run you somewhere around $20,000 to $30,000. that's not capitalism at its finest.

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No that big government at its

No that big government at its finest. Being from PA, I dont have all the details, but I can understand where the smaller growers are coming from. Can't deregulate it like a plant can they?

But at least its a step in the direction we want. We can always lower the regulations with the right people in office. Getting it legalized is the hardest part.

Pot Sparks NAACP Battle in CA

Recently, the NAACP California Chapter announced their unconditional endorsement for Proposition 19 on the November ballot that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in the state. President Alice Huffman explained this is a civil rights issue. They claim African Americans are disproportionately prosecuted for drug related offenses for marijuana, despite studies showing lower rates for African-Americans than whites. Bishop Ron Allen, leader of the International Faith-Based Coalition and member of the NAACP is outraged by the endorsement, and has called for Huffman to resign. Alyona asks him if he agreed with the NAACP that African Americans are disproportionately affected by the criminalization of marijuana.

"Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind and unfits it for every noble enterprise." - James Madison, 1774

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