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Morgan Freeman tells us how to End Racism in America

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How to stop racism? Stop talking about it.

Is this the radical statement people seem so hung up on?

Pandas is bad.


nail > head

I love this clip

I have posted it quite a few times on FB.

"uh...uh....I'm jewish." I love it.
MW is such a tool.

And MF - well, he's got it.
It's so simple.

Ron Paul is My President

It's funny

It's funny to note how Wallace recognizes himself as Jewish, not white, despite his skin color. Yet it was a discussion of color, not ethnicity. The persons most concerned with racial distinctions are racists and Wallace showed his bias.

Do you mean "tells" us?

Sorry to be picky, sounds like you're telling MF to tell us how to end racism. Please fix it, don't reply to this, and I'll remove it afterward. Thanks.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Thanks--I fixed it. I post

Thanks--I fixed it. I post too early in the morning and don't pick up on typos

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Morgan Freeman hit the nail

Morgan Freeman hit the nail on the head! Racism exists because racists (primarily politicians and their allies in mainstream media) keep promoting hatred to divide us. Programs like "Affirmative Action" and racial quotas were invented to promote animosity between black and white Americans. It's the old Divide and Conquer, and politicians have been using it for centuries.

Today, Muslims and Arabs have been targeted by our politicians and the media, much as the Jews were in Germany in the Thirties. Foolish Americans are supposed to hate them, while our politicians create a police state, allegedly to protect us from "terrorism". This is exactly what the Nazis did. They convinced the German people that in order to protect them, it was necessary for them to sacrifice their freedoms.

The terrorist threat was manufactured by our own politicians. They accomplished this with an intrusive foreign policy. Terrorist attacks by radical elements could be expected. Are we to believe that our politicians were caught off guard? Do we really think that they are that stupid?

Anyone who tells you that you should hate some group, based on their skin color, their place of origin, or their religious faith, is trying to control you. Anyone who divides Americans into groups, and favors one group at the expense of another, is trying to control both.

It's easy to get people to hate one another. Politicians have been doing it for centuries.

Wow, that is excellent

it sure would be nice if people could look past the color thing, the religion thing, the class and education thing and anything else holding us back from developing into a society that values each others creativeness.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

SO good.

I've been saying the same thing, but of course, being white, that draws fire from critics who are just paranoid about challenging the status quo.