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Dollar Collapse Preparation Thread: My Low-Budget Steps + What Steps You Have Taken To Prepare?!

After following the words of Dr. Paul, Peter Schiff, Marc Faber and Jim Rodgers for a few years now, I feel that I am pretty much 100% jaded towards the near-term and medium term outlook for the United States.

I full-heartedly believe that there is going to be some sort major failure of a financial insitution, U.S. state or sovereign that will cause U.S. Treasury Bill and Bond holders to liquidate their U.S. dollar denominated assets and subsequently create a hyperinflationairy environment in the United States. Living in a hyperinflationairy environment is extremely dangerous and can include a laundry list of unthinkable dangers such as: 1) Gangs of Roaming Looters or Marauders 2) Police/Government Confiscation or Personal Removal 3) Sky-Rocketing Food and Water Prices, Shortages 4) Civil Unrest 5) Foreign Powers Sending Troops Over to Collect on Their Debt, and so many more I can't think of and won't know of until it happens to me. It is because of all of thse reason and more that I have begun to prepare myself and family for the worst.

My story is nothing special but I hope it can give someone some help in preparing themselves. I am a 22 year old Finance/Economics Major at Florida State University who works at a grocery store as a bagboy so it should be obvious that my budget is not exactly huge. I come from a somewhat well-to-do family that completely rode the decades of continuously falling interest rates to wealth and prosperity and is now suffering the needed correction for their recklessness. I have begun to turn their minds to the truth but they still cannot see the cliff in front of them (55 years of unwavering faith in Uncle Sam will do that to you). They help with some of the monetary cost of preparing.

SO FAR, I have amassed a good amount of tools, supplies and information that can and will give me the edge against others when the fated day arrives. This is a short laundry list of things I have done and plan to do in the near future. If I have forgotten anything important PLEASE DO NOT hesitate to tell me. Keep in mind I belong to a family of four adults and possibly more if times get super hard. I have no brothers and my dad is old and out of shape so the responsibiliy will be soley on me. Also remember I bought extra supplies for bardering purposes.

- Bought $250-$300 in a very wide variety of canned foods which totals up to around 400+ cans of food with expiration dates around late 2013
- Filled up two 12 gallon emergency water jugs with clean water
- These are stored in inconspicuous blue rubbermaid containers at my parents house back in Jacksonville while I keep about 50 cans of food

- Purchased one 9mm handgun and holster (Glock 26), For personal defense outside the home
*I have around 250 9mm rounds (.5 Hollowpoints, .5 FMJ)
- Purchased one 20 gauge shotgun, For personal defense inside the home and bigger game hunting
*I have around 150 shells, a mix of birdshot, target loads and slugs
- Purchased one SuperMark small game pellet gun. For small game hunting such as birds, rabbits and racoons.
*I have two 6000 lead pellet containers
- Purchased one Romanian AK-47 w/Bayonet. For personal defense outside the home
*No ammuntion yet
- Purchased Level IIIa Body Armor (40 S&W and down resistance)

- I was able to convince my parents to invest in gold- In my apartment in Tallahassee, I have around $200 cash along with around $100 in silver coins

- My parents were the poster children for the housing crisis. They built our current house in Jacksonville for the super inflated price of $700,000 back in 2005 and are now completely underwater. Back in January of this year, I convinced them to put their house up on the market while there still is a housing market. They have gotten few offers and are currently negotiating some counteroffers to the few offers we did get. I am currently trying to get them to walk away from this financial hellhole and give it back to the bank the peddled it to us. I have also got them to embrace the idea of self-sustainability and growing our own foods. They are currently looking at rural houses deeper in the Florida countryside.
- I graduate in December and will be returning back to Jacksonville to hopefully a job a the Deutsche Bank investment firm. I expect the housing market to be in even bigger shambles at that point and plan to buy a small and affordable country house to live in AT A FIXED RATE. With this fixed rate being completely eaten away by inflation, it will be quite a steal.

- 5 bottles of MultiVitamens (500 capsules per bottle)
- 2 First Aid Kits (gause, bandages, etc...)
- 4 Bottles of Medicinal Alcohol
- 10+ bottles of Nyquil/DayQuil/Pepto Bismal/Milanta
- 2 Bottles of Menstral Medicine
- 1 Bottle of Aloe
- 10 toobrushes
- 10 bottles of toothpaste
- 9 bottes of Asprin/Ibuprofen (200 capsules per bottle)

6) MISCELLANEOUS SURVIVAL TOOLS AND BARDER MATERIAL (also stored in Rubbermaid containers at home)
- 5 bottles of preservable wine (white and red)
- 3 Bottles of scotch (Johnny Walker, $25 per bottle)
- 4 Cartons of Cigarettes (2 Newport Menthol, 2 Marlboro)
- 500 batteries (AA,AAA,B,C,DD, 12v, 9v)
- 4 flashlights
- 10 containers of spice mixers ($5 containers of a variety of spices, great trading instruments)
- 100 Nails
- 1 hammer, 1 screwdriver and 2 one gallon gas cans. (This is for extraction of gas from another car's gas tank in times of crisis. Lay under the car and hammer a small hole in the gas tank of a car with the screwdriver and once the gas is flowing from under the car, collect it with the gas cans and your on your way, no siphoning required)
- 1 MapQuest directions home (Tallahassee to Jacksonville) use only back roads and that don't involve major highways
- 1 2000 page book of survival skills and tips called "When Technology Fails" by Matthew Stein. Covers everything from skinning an animal to growing your own crops.
- 2 Gas powered Lanterns
- 1 High Quality Flintstone (The kind used by Man Vs. Wild and SurvivorMan. Good for 10000 lights or 7000 fires.)
- 2 Large Cans of Lubricant/Gun Cleaner
- 30+ BIC liters
- 1 small-ish Axe
- 1 Fire Extinguisher
- 10 packs of seeds (refrigerated, corn, tomato, cucmber)

-My Personal Defense Suit (Mainly for Intimidation):
-- 1 Romanian AK-47 (BOUGHT)
-- 1 Level IIIa Body Armor (BOUGHT)
--- 4 gas masks (One for each family member, For tear gas or biological warfare)
--- 1 Kevlar Riot Helmet (For head protection and identity consealment)(BOUGHT)
--- 1 set of Riot Gear
--- 500 7.62mm x 39mm Rounds (Ak-47 rounds)(BOUGHT)
----300+ more cans of food
---- 1 Police Scanner
---- 1 Battery Powered AM/FM Radio
---- 2 Packs of Antibiotics (1 Ingestable, 1 Injectable)(BOUGHT)
---- 20+ syringes
---- 1 set of Gardening tools (Shovel, trowel, fertilizer, Farmers almanac, etc...)
---- 2 Ounces of Pot (For personal consumption, Everybody has their vice, pot is mine)
---- 8 sets of thermal underwear (4 mens, 4 womens)(BOUGHT)

Thats about all I can remember/find at this point. This list has cost me a lot of hard earned money and time but I do believe it is a good head start towards preparing my family and me for the treacherous future that lies ahead.

I was wondering if anyone else was starting to prepare or if I am just crazy. I also wanna know if I forgot anything so feel free to lemme know what I missed.

By the way things are looking so far in Washingtion, I hope what I wrote gives you a good idea of how much preparation there really is left for us to do.

UPDATE 10/3/10

So I have skrimpted and saved these past couple of months and I have managed to accumulate some more nessecities for our, now obvious, impending dollar crash.

New Additions:
- 2 Story House for Parents in Jacksonville:(60% Surrounded by forest: Quiet white neighborhood 20-25 miles away from downtown Jacksonville, Fl: 360 degree security lights: 4 Windows on the second floor facing in every direction )(perfectly defensible))
- 300 Rounds of 7.62mm x 39mm for the AK47
- 1 Israel Gas Mask with 1 refill canister
- 10 weeks worth of Blood Pressure Medicine (that will be worth way WAY more than gold when everything collapses - "You want a once of gold, or do you want your father to live?"
- 2 types of Two Week Regimens of Super Strong AntiBiotics (Cipro, Bactrim) These will be essential for the sick and dying: A.K.A. Profit city
- 2 Large bottles of 30 strength Colloidal Silver for minor bacterial infections and overall health
- 4 Full pairs of Long Johns thermal underwear, one for each family member

I still need:
- Tons and tons of paper plates, bowls, and utinsels.(BOUGHT)
- Kevlar Ski Mask (Intimidation purposes and they look cool)
- Military Kevlar Helmet
- Multiple Water Filters
- Solar Power Generator
- More Canned Food
- Everything mentioned in the first post that I didn't have

UPDATE 10/11

Just won two more important items off ebay:
-SMITH AND WESSON Riot Helmet with Visor ($15)

NEXT MONTH: I plan on purchasing one or two more filters for the mask and either a Berkey or Katadyn water filter. I have a stagnant creek behind my house that is a perfect source of water as long as it is filtered.

I also need to purchase a ton of paper plates/bowls and utensils.

UPDATE 10/15

- Katadyn Vairo Water Filter Dual Technology Microfilter
- 200 Paper Plates
- 200 Paper Bowls
- 150 Plastic Utensils

- Decoy Safe
- 3 Gas Masks
- 4 Gas mask canister refills
- 2 Replacement water filters
- Solar Cooker
- 1000+ 20 gauge Shotgun Shells/9mm rounds/7.62x39mm Shells
- 7 Window Bar Sets
- 2 Security Doors (Bullet/Smash proof, Front and back door)

I purchased a Katadyn Vairo Water Filter Dual Technology Microfilter off of Ebay. It is good for up to 500 gallons of pure water before it needs filter replacement. I plan to have atleast two replacement filters, giving me a total of 1500 gallons of fresh water before I need to find a new way to get water.

I also picked up some paper plates and utensils. When the water is off, those ceramic plates and bowls will be getting pretty grimey after a while.

Overall this is going to be an expensive quest, but I can assure you it will be even more expensive in the near future.

Anybody got any more suggestions? Lets keep this thread going.

UPDATE: 3/23/11

So I have made a decent amount of progress since I last updated.

- 15 Sets of Plastic Silverware and Paper Plates (100 per set)
- Small Decoy safe is poorly hidden and that will keep only 10% of my familys gold/silver/cash holdings
- Another $2000 in silver (27 an oz) and $1000 in gold (1350 an oz)
- A siphon for extracting gas from abandon or unprotected cars
- Ski masks-1 Green, 1 black
- Katadyn Combi Waterfilter (Good for 15,000 gallons of water)
- Full Camoflage outfit (hat, jacket, shirt, pants boots)
- Additions: 200 rounds of 20 gauge bird shot, 50 Rrounds of 12 gauge slugs, 600 rounds of 7.62x39mm, 200 rounds of .38, 50 rounds of 30-06, 50 rounds of 380, 100 rounds of 9mm FMJ
- A CB radio
- 60 Rolls of Toilet Paper (15 for each family member)

- Potassium Iodine tablets
- Working on getting a new rural house for about 100k.
- Portable toilet/shower
- More TP
- Feminine Products (Gross)

Feel welcome to post your suggestions or your preparations.

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Ron,That works for me too

But remember to take your tiny umbrella with you to cover up the important parts while spending time in the sun.You know,one of those little drink umbrellas?They work great!

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

O.K..Need more than one umbrella?


If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.


I'll give it to ya. good one

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Here are my most important preparations

I have laying hens (and roosters) and an incubator. I will feed hungry people eggs, then give chickens to them. I have beans and rice enough for a small army, and I will feed the hungry, and give them seed to start their own gardens.
I have 18 tilapia, wish I had more... but, I will in 4 months or so. Lots more. Then I will feed hungry people fish, and give them enough tilapia to set up an aquaponics system.
I will soon have land, where I can allow the destitute to work on the land and pick the money growing on the trees there (yeah, it does!) until they can buy a little patch of dirt of their own.
I have an open heart, and an open mind. I will work with anyone who will try to work for themselves. I DO have the ability to "defend" myself, but I will not seek to defend myself from hungry people, I will feed them.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

update on web page?

I posted you on my web site.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

RE:Here are my most important preparations

You state,"I have laying hens (and roosters) and an incubator. I will feed hungry people eggs, then give chickens to them." Then you go on to state,"I have beans and rice enough for a small army, and I will feed the hungry, and give them seed to start their own gardens." And even further you say,"I have 18 tilapia, wish I had more...Then I will feed hungry people fish, and give them enough tilapia to set up an aquaponics system." And even again,"I will soon have land, where I can allow the destitute to work on the land and pick the money growing on the trees there (yeah, it does!) until they can buy a little patch of dirt of their own." I realize that I donot comment often, yet felt the urgency to say that in my humblest of opinions "YOUR preparation plans" are by far the most exquisite & will prove to be the most SUCCESSFULL proving the survival of the Fittest. I am most honored to stand beside you at this point in time. Thank You.

Katie, thank you so much!

I am usually called a "bleeding heart" and have it explained to me how mean people will come steal from me, even that which I would freely give.
I DO believe in "mean people" but I rarely encounter them. I encounter scared people, lied to people, desperate people... all things that can be dealt with with a good meal and a hug. And if actual "mean people" come along, I am prepared to deal with them, also. I do NOT make them the focus of my plans, though.
I started to read your reply expecting the usual, what a pleasant surprise! THANK YOU for taking the time to comment!

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I like your attitude; it's what . . .

we are trying to do.

We hope to get to know our neighbors well enough that we can work together; we didn't get our land in the country, but we are in a mostly rural area--

and I, too, have worked to get plenty of legumes and grains, etc.--

I think when people work together, wonderful things can happen--

my spouse is the sort of person that neighbors come to for help, and it makes me glad--well, I try to be that way, too.

This is one advantage to reading the bible; I really believe in the story about Elijah and the widow; her oil and flour didn't fail--

because she shared them.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

so what do you guys envision

happening to all of the people who have no preparations? I'm sure that way less than 1% of the people are going to have any sort of food/water/other gear to survive any amount of time. By reading some of these posts, it sounds like you guys think that people are going to be dying in the streets by the thousands.

It's possible. We have a

It's possible. We have a string of similar catastrophic scenarios all throughout history. Whose to say that nothing really bad to the world will ever happen again? Could be that the worst to happen is still yet to come.

Back in the day people used to take care of themselves or at least knew how to. These days the vast majority of people in the U.S. are dependent for nearly everything that they need. What happens if those services become unavailable?

There are a number of ways that the future can unfold quite badly. Seems prudent that we be prepared as best we can just in case.


Thats exactly

what I envision. I am glad to be a part of the 1% that will be the new kings.

If you have no gold, silver, or food, you will be a serf...

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Will all of the new kings

Will all of the new kings work for Deutsche Bank?


How are you going to get all this stuff to Australia?


would be pretty much impossible to get all of this stuff I mentioned to Aussie land.

This preparation is if I can't get out in time. By the looks of it, it does not look like I am going to get me and my family out before the inflation starts, probibly Nov 2.

I am also feeling it will be to hard to leave my parents alone to face the dollar crisis.

They have the fight of a dead cat and would get eaten alive in the first week.

Decisions Decisions....

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

dont know if its been

dont know if its been mentioned but some tools to make your own ammo seem like a good one. may save money that way instead of buying ammo from the store.


tools are those. I am sort of a lay person and am not very handy to tell you the truth.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Go to a local gun shop

or try MidwayUsA.com. Much cheaper to load your own ammo.
Using my own brass I can load .38 spl hollow points for about 12-14 cents each. ( I bought a bunch of primers and powder cheap, it would be more now.)

You need a press $30 -$800, dies for whatever calibers you shoot, powder, and primers. And most importantly a GOOD BOOK OF RECIPES, you can ruin a gun or kill yourself if you overload a cartridge.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

also to trade, when you can,

also to trade, when you can, bottles of JD, old grand dad etc.

oh most

definitely. My parents have 30-40 bottles of wine/liquor while I bought around 10 so I'm good on that front.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

P.S. How much ammo is enough

I think i have enough ammo to cover me a while but I could always use a second opinion.

200 9mm rounds (Glock 26 handgun)
160 20 Gauge Shotgun Rounds (20 Gauge Remmington 870 Shotgun)
300 7.62x39mm Rounds (Romanian AK47 rifle)
60 12 Gauge Shotgun Rounds (For trade)
12000 Copper BB Pellets (High Powered BB gun - for hunting small game)

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

I work under the assumption that I won't be able to get any

I have enough to cover for my 5 year old when he is my age.
And the tools and means to make more.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*

2000 rounds pistol ammo...

2000 rounds pistol ammo... 5000 rounds rifle ammo.. 1000 rounds shotgun ammo or more.. remeber in a crisis ammo will be like gold or silver.


moly thats alot of ammo. I don't know if I can afford that much. I usually just pick up a box or two every couple of weeks. I will keep this up until the end though.

I am worried about trading with ammo. I don't want someone to see all the wealth I have, trade me for some ammo, then shoot me in the back as I am walking away.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

you may want to try MRE's..

you may want to try MRE's.. the shelf life is long.
Also look into the one year grains and legumes food storage that these people have.. www.emergencyessentials.com For 300 or so bucks you can get a year supply of grains for 4 people. Mre's come with lots of good stuff. those meals are 2500 calories. If you had to you could only open 1 meal per day you could. I think its great you have started. you are well on your way to being prepared. Also try to accumulate as much ammo for your rifle as possible.

Great advice

That website looks legit. I think after I get the water filter ($150), paper utensils ($40), and some more ammon ($200) I'll go for those grains you are talking about.

MREs are definitely the perfect survival food source but they seem pretty darn expensive. I am just a poor college kid so I might just have to stick to the walmart brand canned foods...

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

look around on the net.. I

look around on the net.. I saw where they were selling a case of 12 for 45.00.. thats not to bad.. the spaghetti and dishes like that are good. pluse you get gum, matches, napkins, salt& pepper tabasco etc..

Just won

some cool stuff off of ebay that I think will be nessecary.

I won an Israli gas mask and a Smith and Wesson Riot helmet with Visor off ebay.

I don't think I will be out there taking on riot police or anything like that. These will be mainly for intimidation factor.

Not too many people will be willing to raid or pillage a house with a dude standing out front in a bullet proof vest, gask mask, riot helmet, and holding an AK47. It should keep the riff raffs away.

I still need a TON of paper plates/bowls and utensils and I DEFINITELY need a water filter that can filter stagnant creek water and is capable of supporting four people.

I have a stagnant creek hidden behind my new house that will be a perfect water source. All I need is the filter.

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul

Dthompson's picture

Berkey water filtration system


"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."

-Thomas Jefferson

Its gonna come slow at first

Food prices are going to start to rise monthly. This will tap most peoples savings but won't cause panic right away.

While bank and gas station like crime will increase the riots wont come until the cities can no longer pay its people. or the fed switches the $ system or devalues.

A constant self replicating food source will work as a bridge to the chaos. Grow more then you need and it will act as $.

Aquaponics! Here is the page I am building


Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

I say

After the NOV 2 Fed meeting when they announce QE2, the spark will be lit...

"A living Constitution is a dead one" -Ron Paul