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Has anyone had their screen script change recently?? If so any idea how to fix it??

A few days ago, my DP screen script suddenly changed. Its all real small and different than on other computers. (I have compared it to other computers) Is it the DP? Or is it my computer? Anyone have any ideas on this?

Thanks if so....

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Try pressing ctrl 0

This will rezoom you to normal.  If this was it, at some point you zoomed out (by pressing ctrl -, in ctrl +), or went to view>page zoom.

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thanks Jon.... you nailed it...(I tried virtually everything..)

Did you check

your search title bar for a "PAGE" arrow ? You may have change either the zoom level or page taxt size ????

yes that was it...

it was the damn zoom... I must have hit it somehow..

anyone have any ideas on this??

still is the same after checking on the below info.

I'm on Firefox.

Its normal on IE

Its normal on other computers running firefox.

Just this one computer.



I used to have to adjust my screen at the bottom to see all the page. Now, the whole page is displayed without having to do that. It is actually better this way. I didn't do anything differently either. As for your problem, you might check the font size at the top of your browser and the encodeing (which should be utf8). Other than that I wouldn't know, unless you've installed a new driver for your video or changed the settings. You might try updating your browser also. I'm running xp home with ie7. Check the page box, zoom should be 100 percent and text size should be medium.


thanks for this info....

I checked on IE and its normal. I'm on firefox...my encoding is utf8 and as far as the font size its 16 . (On ie the choices are medium large,etc.)

still don't know why the type would be smaller here. Ive compared it to DP on other computers running firefox and its normal on those, just not this one...