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"I Am Allowed To Rob You!" - video

I agree here with Larken Rose that the 'taxation' clause and the 'general welfare clause' is reprehensible. He makes an excellent demonstration of how abstract this is. They did the same thing with 'money', I will add.

However, I will contend that does not mean the entire Constitution is bad. It is simply not perfect. If anything these two clauses ought to be amended but it would really be dangerous doing that within the corrupt system we now have. In order for these amendments to be properly made so that our unalienable rights were not infringed, it would presume our entire bicameral system was cleansed of corruption, majority of Americans knew their Rights, and we had County Grand Juries in place to ensure all bills and elected servants were behaving according to our Supreme law.

Then and only then would it be 'safe' to amend those two clauses.

If these two clauses were more defined according to what the government CANNOT do and what they OUGHT to allow, we probably would not have what we have today.

I cannot help but suspect that Alex Hamilton with the help of a British agent or two within that early congressional body, saw to it that these two clauses would remain vague as to meaning. It would create the potential for the 'gift that kept on giving' once centralized banking was installed later on.

More research should be done to identify whether there was any intense contentions or heated debates between specific founders and who were they?

I am also in favor of County Grand Juries. I just don't know yet if this is a recent idea put forward as a solution or if we used to have County Grand Juries but they were 'dissolved' like so many other good things over the years.


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didya all see this?


someone posted it last week. great video!

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OK I am glad someone posted this

last week.

Great post