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POLICE STATE - Cops & Military To Start Using New "Dazer Laser" Device

POLICE STATE - Cops & Military To Start Using New "Dazer Laser" Device

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I would prefer this over

I would prefer this over being tased or pepper sprayed

Cop points a lazer that looks like a gun

what are you going to point if you are a criminal ?
That destroys the non leathal scenario..

Such a waste

Can be defeated by a simple mirror - then turned against the control freaks.

Video Says..........

...... Without causing eye damage ......

I guess they forgot to say "When using laser protective glasses?"

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What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

This is what a police state

This is what a police state looks like.

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The more complicated the plumbing

the easier it is to clog the drain.

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more fun for the control freaks. I wonder

how long it will be until the lawsuits begin when these toys are misused and the police damage people with them.

"Dazer Laser" abuse will be rampant

first off i don't buy the scenario of use they laid out. if a cop is in real danger and needs to control someone then this thing won't work, not like a taser.

instead the cops will use this thing ALL the time to get citizens attention from afar or just harass people and run them off (camera man). expect to see these at the college campus and any kind of protest or mass gathering. i suspect it will mostly be used on peaceful people.

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I think you got it. Bet it might even ruin your camera. If I had money I would bet the first time one is used the "perp" will have had to have had some kind of physical force used on them, but no one will get it on film.

if they fall into the wrong "hands"....

(last part of the video)

who is the wrong hands?? And can someone out there make a homemade version of this? (just in case we the people need to stop the gestapo with non lethal force)

I think

that they mean "the wrong hands" is anyone who might try to resist the storm-troopers attacks.