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Caravaggio's reputed bones put on display

Caravaggio's reputed bones put on display

Artist collapsed on beach 400 years ago

The remains thought to be those of Italian painter Caravaggio are going on public display in the town of Porto Ercole, where he died 400 years ago.

The great artist's death had been a long-time mystery and his remains weren't found for centuries.

The bones — part of a skull, two jaw pieces and a femur — were taken from a small church in the town and examined for a year by Italian researchers, who pronounced in mid-June they were 85 per cent certain the bones belonged to the artist.

Scientists compared bones found in the town with descendants of Caravaggio's family. They also carbon dated the bones.

The artist, who had a reputation for bar brawls and encounters with prostitutes, had recently arrived in the seaside town when he collapsed on the beach at age 39.

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Chronology of works by

Chronology of works by Caravaggio

He's got some good ones.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.

Wow, he was

truly talented. Some of his work is creepy though.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."