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What's with the front page posts?

The front page has had HR1207 and S604 posted for a long long long time now and none of them have gained a sponsor. Shouldn't we be using the front page with more important and current stuff?

Not that I don't care about the two bills they are obviously very important ... but do they need to be up on top of everything else every day unless there is new news about them?

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Proposed Rewrite of History: 'Twas the Bankers Before Christmas

____'Twas the Bankers Before Christmas.____ ... BUMP ...
___'Twas The Night Before Christmas (Eve)___
[Borrowed from Clement Moore] borrowed by Mark Twain

  • 'Twas the night before Christmas... Eve,
  • When all through the House (& Senate)
  • Not a creature (except from Jekyll Island) was stirring,
  • Not even a mouse (just Jekyll Island Rats).
  • No thieves were hung, just thieving without care
  • In hopes that legal tender would soon be there.
  • When out in DC, there arose such a clatter
  • I sprang from the sleep, to see what was the matter
  • When, what to my wondering eyes... not Gangsters?
  • But The Fed Reserve, and eight tiny Banksters
  • They are chubby and plump, all mean rich old elfs,
  • And I laughed when I saw him, in spite of myself!
  • A wink of there eyes and a roll of there heads,
  • Soon gave me to know, I had something to dread.

... ... ... Urgent: Pony Express! ... ... ...

To: M. Nystrom, DailyPaul, USA
cc: America

Please reverse the Senate S604 and House HR1207 lists to show those Congressional rascals that are yet to sign up.

Let Us Focus On Each Senator that needs to sign.

Post: Only 1 more Senator to sign! Ron Paul Audit-the-Fed bill coming soon to theaters near you!

Front page: posts should stay if many sites link to these posts. I hope they do. You should know. Summarize down to a few lines. Not 1/2 page.

History of 1913: Very Bad Banks Had There Way with America

Five horrendous things happened in 1913 and yes, it was a conspiracy. No theory. Just the Facts.

__________Banks vs You__________

  1. Income Tax, 16th Amendment
      1895 Income Tax Unconstitutional
    • Never ratified
    • Unconstitutional
    • Roll 'em out, Round 'em up, Rawhide!
  2. Direct Election of US Senators, 17th Amendment
    • Bypassed the States
    • Never ratified
    • Unconstitutional
    • Rolling, Rolling, Rawhide!
  3. Federal Reserve Banking Act of 1913
    • Loaning at interest
    • Nothing at all
    • You pay principal
    • Empires fall
  4. FBI... Roll 'em out, Round 'em up, Rawhide!
  5. IRS... Rolling, Rolling, Rawhide!

Many sources for the above information. Please, if you need to be sure from original research, go to Bill Benson's research of US and all state archives. He is currently in US Court rectifying this mess.
http://theLawThatNeverWas.com >Bill Benson's Court Lawsuit.

Please, let us organize our efforts 19 Senators that will bring the total co-sponsors to 51. They should know that if they are not interested, their state legislature may do their Constitutional duty and send a properly elected Senator to represent their state interest.

Let us choose which 18 Senators are best able to comprehend what is right and proper. Put up local ad campaigns about, "Audit the Fed" and "Follow our Constitution." Go regularly to their office and their speeches on the Senate floor. Be there when our adoring press interviews and films them. Add their voting record to wonderful Internet video and written material. Ask for their support, public response or resignation in town hall and the like.

Submitted April 15, 2010 Congressional Testimony Video
Dr Ron Paul questions Uncle Ben Bernanke, Fed Chair



5:23 Paul: "We can't even audit you to find out what you do. So you can do anything you want. And you can create as much money as you want." Dr Paul reasons.

Audience: Laughs at just how silly our banking system is.

5:30 Bernanke: "You can see any transaction or loan we make..." says Uncle Ben.
"We would be happy to provide that information to you." Ben adds.

OK Ben. We have been asking to see your records from the Federal Reserve beginning in 1913 to present. Please send 'all transactions and loans' you made from 1913 to present, un-redacted to Dr. Paul, ASAP.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul