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Give Us Liberty: A Tea Party Manifesto

Well I was browsing my facebook when I decided to click on Freedomworks to check out what they have going on. Resisting the urge to not throw up, I see a full page ad for this book:



Product Description

This groundbreaking manifesto is essential reading for tea party activists—or any American seeking to understand what the Tea Party is fighting for and what's next for the movement

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe have been on the front lines of one of the fastest-growing and most influential political phenomena in recent memory: the Tea Party movement. As the leaders of the advocacy organization FreedomWorks, they have helped guide and give voice to hundreds of thousands of activists from across the country and have a strong vision for the future of this powerful grassroots uprising.

United by a strong belief in limited government and individual liberty, Tea Party members are changing the American political landscape. Unlike mainstream media accounts that observe the Tea Party movement from the outside looking in, Give Us Liberty chronicles the roots and rise of a new breed of taxpayer activism in the voices of those who were there. Discover the personalities that drove the first meetings, the unknown candidates whose principled stand earned them unlikely victories, the march that gathered more than a million activists, and the bedrock beliefs that brought them together.

In this national call to action, Armey and Kibbe provide an intimate history of the movement, explain how citizens can join the cause, and chart the future of the Tea Party—and America. Give Us Liberty also contains a battle-tested, step-by-step guide to organizing and effecting change in any community.


As somebody who has read The Revolution: A Manifesto twice, a book which truly was the start of this Revolution. I hope Dr. Paul is not being screwed over by this Dick Armey book.

*edit* after reading the main site more, it does seem Ron has more credibility in the organization. Just not pushed out front.

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