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If 1000 people call on any day in the next 2 weeks for Peter Schiff you can win 100 oz bar of silver!!

Here is a short video explaining, just comment in the video and subscibe to his channel! Let's make calls!!

Feel free to post this everywhere you feel it should be posted!! We want people that believe in Peter Schiff to see this so they can give some quality and quantity in calls!


I posted this already on the Peter Schiff forum in liberty forest.

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Promote Schiff Storm on Facebook- Be part of the "in" crowd

let's create a movement.
it's called Schiff Storm- 25,000 calls for Peter Schiff. Join Now!


based on how to start a movement

the person who created schiffstorm.com-(lone nut/leader)
me first follower-(unnoticed form of leadership, shows others how to follow=facebook)
3rd follower (we already have) (crowd)
majority of you ("in" crowd)
those who waited and your facebook friends (tipping point)


lets get on this!

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