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California Police Chiefs Against Proposition 19

This police chief from Covina, California provides one of the worst arguments of all time against legalizing marijuana. He doesn't claim that cannabis is inherently harmful to you, he just has a problem that he doesn't believe the state will be able to collect any taxes on it. He then asserts the fear tactic that this will cause people to smoke it at their jobs, thus threatening Federal tax grants to the state. Is all that matters how much money the state rips off from the people? Stop stealing!

Oh, for good measure he threw in the useless STATISTic that motor vehicle accidents in which a driver tested positive for marijuana increased 100% since medical marijuana was legalized in CA. So according to keystone kop over here, marijuana being legal under prescription made it so much more accessible that the patients taking it for pain and suffering are causing DUIs everywhere. Of course weed could hardly be found anywhere in CA before that, so it's medical marijuana's fault. Right.

Never mind that it shouldn't have been made illegal in the first place. This is the best they can do? Crime would likely decrease significantly long-term and police could focus more on crimes against person and property instead of harassing potheads, thus saving millions of FRNs and thousands of jail spaces. These scumbags are really afraid of freedom.


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evil pig

no more steroids for that little piggy.

i love the phony statistics he made up. he claimed MMJ was legalized in 2004 in order to skew the results. in reality MMJ was legalized in 1996 with prop. 215. nice try pig.

according to fed gov records cannabis use among school kids fell ever year after 1996 for almost 10 years. they claimed in 1996 that MMJ would make use skyrocket, not.

i hate pigs!

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Y'know, if you removed every

Y'know, if you removed every loaded word in your statement it would make reading it much more interesting and enjoyable. I know you have an opinion, but why not save it for the discussion in tbe thread? Anyway, the tide is turning and I believe the votes will be there to pass Prop 19 this time. The proposal is much clearer and less subject to law enforcement interpretation.


Sorry. I only posted this because watching it filled me with outrage. As I was not going to transcribe the video I figured that providing my interpretation of the interview would suffice to anyone who actually takes the time to watch it, which will likely be fewer than those that would watch a YouTube version.