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US braces for blowback over Afghan war disclosures

WASHINGTON – Operatives inside Afghanistan and Pakistan who have worked for the U.S. against the Taliban or al-Qaida may be at risk following the disclosure of thousands of once-secret U.S. military documents, former and current officials said.

As the Obama administration scrambles to repair any political damage to the war effort in Congress and among the American public by the WikiLeaks revelations, there are also growing concerns that some U.S. allies abroad may ask whether they can trust America to keep secrets, officials said.

Speaking in the Rose Garden Tuesday, President Barack Obama said he was concerned about the massive leak of sensitive documents about the Afghanistan war, but that the papers did not reveal any concerns that were not already part of the debate.


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There will be no blowback

There will be no blowback under normal circumstances...the so called "secret information" published by Wikileak is simple common knowledge among governments, military, secret services and press around the world...they just don't talk about it openly to the public...the so called "secret information" showed by Wikileak is nothing more then some pathetic form of censorship bragged as "secret".

In my opinion Wikileak is just another CIA based website which will be used in the future to demonize the Internet.

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Now the blowback is MSM: techticker story


"Horrifying News About Afghanistan": Obama's Latest Political Headache
Posted Jul 27, 2010 12:02pm EDT
by Aaron Task

Among the lowlights included in the some 92,000 reports leaked by WikiLeaks:

* -- Pakistan's Secret Service (the ISI) aids the Taliban.
* -- The Taliban have used portable heat-seeking missiles against allied aircraft
* --- U.S. Special Op units like Task Force 373 work from a "capture/kill list" and have sometimes killed civilians, stoking resentment among the locals.
* -- The CIA has expanded paramilitary operations inside Afghanistan.
* -- The performance of drone aircraft is less impressive than officially portrayed.