MSNBC - Rate the Candidates

MSNBC has an interactive "rate the candidates" poll at their site here:

At this point, Ron Paul is the runaway leader with 68% positive ratings. Mitt Romney is second with only 17%! Be sure to vote! Before submitting your vote, the site has a warning that you can only vote once. This should put to bed any suspicion of Paul supporters being "spammers." One would think that the biggest software company in the world (Microsoft - the MS in MSNBC) should be able to prevent spam, right!

Way to go Ron Paul. Thank you for being the voice of the American People!

Michael Nystrom

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great performance

da bear

I was very happy with Ron Paul's performance. He made some great points, and he didn't let Hannity hijack the interview.

Ron Paul is still the candidate "they" don't want you to know about, but everyone else loves him.

da bear

Job Well Done!

M. Raborn
I have just voted and Ron's numbers had gone from 28 before the debate to 65 post debate, while Guilaini had dropped from 19 to 16, MaCain had dropped from 23 to 13 and Romney had dropped from 30 to 20. Way to go Ron and thanks to all the supporters for voting. This is suppose to be a secure poll, so I think the media will have to acknowledge these results. Please everyone go vote and make sure your friends do also..Ron Paul for President in 2008!!

M. Raborn

Romney doing well (compared to some)

I must say, I am impressed by how close Romney is staying to Paul. He's consistently within a factor of 2 or so. All he needs to do is change his mind about the war, too. Then maybe he'll have a shot at VP. :-)

The rest of them are pretty much in the noise.

Go, Ron.


If you can't run with the big dogs...stay on the porch!

Round 1 - Giuliani vs Paul (and the winner is...)

Great article on Yahoo (surprise) that clearly points out the grandstanding of Giuliani during this debate:

- this is a great article to email to others to show that Ron Paul knows what he's talking about when it comes to foreign policy.

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Don't panic; he did well

Ron Paul did great in that shouting match with Hannity, so it only works to his credit. The vast majority of the audience had tuned out by that time so it matters little, but Paul is a tough cookie and more than a match for the likes of Hannity.

My Tivo turned off before the video clip you posted so that's the first time I saw it. I notice that after the shocking (to them) lead of Ron Paul in the early returns of their texting poll, as I predicted in my podcast posted a few minutes after the debate was over, the powerful and well-funded political machines of the other candidates have kicked into gear and started flooding the texting line and pulled their candidates to be even with Ron Paul. Man, they are afraid of our guy and personally I enjoy that immensely.

Gary Watson

Gary Watson

Link a lot, please!

This is another MAJOR break. S H did Ron Paul a great favor by "debating" him on prime time TV. So did the Intimidator, Rudy Giuliani.

Not that I think that RP fell into these arguments quite by chance. He's not only a fine debater, he also knows well what will bring attention to his campaign. And holding back controversial positions is not it.

I hope this YouTube video gets linked to profusely! Not for the (unsuccessful) stonewalling an not for the outrage of it. It shows what kind of guy President Paul will be.

Go, Ron.


Stonewalling or Grandstanding?

The American people have five years of 'terrorist' conditioning by the main stream media and this current administration. It's my thought that both Giuliani and Fox News BOTH used that to rile up an ill-informed American public. Fact: Terrorists have existed for centuries (To Britain, George Washington was a 'terrorist'.) To breed unwarranted fear in the general public by posing "hypothetical" situations as was done in the S.C. debate, is absurd, and in my opinion, irresponsible journalism. We have enough TANGIBLE problems to talk about - why debate men from mars?

Here's a question no one (except Dr. Paul) seem to address. How is it that America, so hated by all the so many 'terrorist' groups in the world has only one group of 6 people in 5 years caught plotting a terrorist act against our country? With a southern border wide open, why is it that the crafty and hateful terrorist haven't just snuck in (or walked in as it is) with all the other illegals?

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

Fox News states Paul's position incorrectly

What are they smoking? Hard to say

At 21:17 PST, this page,2933,272594,00.html

says, quote:

Feisty Moments in GOP Debate as Candidates Go for Jugulars
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

By Sharon Kehnemui Liss

WASHINGTON — Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani won the strongest applause of Tuesday night's first-in-the-South Republican primary when he lashed out at Texas Rep. Ron Paul for suggesting that the United States' non-interventionist policy invited the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

-------- unquote.

So I guess we all have it wrong -- Ron Paul really has meant to blame the NON-interventionists all along.

That's why we need the eagle eye & guidance of Sharon K Liss. I'm glad the truth finally came out... NOT!


Hannity so rude

I was appalled at the unprofessionalism of the Fox news host Sean Hannity when he interviewed Dr. Paul.

Not only did he not let Ron Paul answer any questions, he also made opinionated and judgemental false comments that a good host should never do. If he would let Dr. Paul talk he would realise how completely mistaken he was in his statements.

Just because Ron Paul held an unpopular stance does not give Hannity any reason to be so rude with him. If you don't agree with someone, show some class and be polite... especially when you are the host!!!

I was so enraged by their post-debate interview with Dr. Paul that I sent an email complaining to and to the hannity and colmes producers.