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The Corporate 14th / Organic 15th Amendment- by, Samuel Howell Jr

" My understanding, having read portions of the Red Amendment, as well as other writings by Bork" (copied from the above article written/posed January 24, 2009.

This man did not even read the whole book and then compared what he did read to the Ron Paul Law team. Does not sound fair to me, how can anyone make that kind of judgement call, when not even having read the whole book, that he is passing judgement on?
He then goes on to say this " The PAC also promotes the Expatriation Act that was passed shortly after the 14th Amendment as a way to remove one's self from this rebellious position and once again become a Citizen of the state you reside in." If indeed he had really read the book, he would then know, the book states, " This particular Act was passed the day before the infamous Fourteenth Amendment was announced ratified, which should strongly implicate something. It is form of principle that the Act was setting-up the fact that Americans were going to be naturalised as so-called federal citizens by the Fourteenth Amendment the next day." So, maybe this articles author is not saying, he has inside info, on the real deal being used against us. He twisted what the author of The Red Amendment was saying, which then makes me think, that this author (Samuel Howell, Jr.) along with this Congressman, are really working for "them", those that implemented this evil, evil Amendment. His article at the end, actually agrees to what LB Bork has written in his book, about the goverment being inside of our churches, there is no seperation of church and state. (These are my thoughts) Only when it is to "their" benefit, is there any kind of seperation, and this author of this post is clearly trying to take credit for something he had nothing to do with. You also need to read a book, by Thomas DiLorenzo, called "The Real Lincoln" in this book he digs very deep to get to the truth of historical facts on and about Lincoln and his Administration. Upon coming onto this article here, it has confirmed my suspicions of Ron Paul and his whole Law Team as if they really were here for us, they wouldn't have had to wait til someone else let the cat out of the bag, before they jumped in on LB Bork's bandwagon of raising awareness of how our present government is not of our organic Constitution but, is of a Communisitic Eltists de facto's ideal of a Communist Government. They had to usurp our Constitution in order to be able to overthrow it, because it is a legally binding document, they had to come in from under, over and around it, to take it away from us. The saddest part of all, is how "they" have convinced most people that "they" are the original form of goverments, "they" are not. Our organic Constitution appears to be there for us, we can see it, but,it is not accessible to us at all. This is why we are confused. Kind of like the movie the Body Snatchers. We think it is our orginal, but, it is not. Very sad, especially when I see this author try to incorporate LB Bork's book principles into Ron Pauls law teams, saying that they are both on the same side. (LB Bork does not promote going along with the present de facto government, but, walking away from it and going back to our original form of governments. If voting really worked would we be where we are today?)

Samuel Howell Jr,he (Corporate 14th / Organic 15th Amendment
Submitted by Samuel Howell Jr. on Sat, 01/24/2009 - 00:48
in Daily Paul Liberty Forum) of the this article knew, as most of them do know, but, keep QUIET about it, as they get paid very well to. It says right in Section 4 of the Fourtheenth Amendment, the public debt shall not be questioned and recieving pensions and bounties for keeping quiet about abetting with the rebellions of the insurgents. Or something like that. Check it out for yourselves. Go to the http://www.notmygovernment.us/home/
I am very saddened to have come upon this very sad article, I had hoped that Ron Paul was different then the others, I see now, that he is just as all the others. Now, I know the truth of our goverments true state of affairs and it is very sad. : (

I look forward to leaving this de facto government and returning to my originally intended goverments of the organic Constitution.

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wish I'd seen this in 2010.

wish I'd seen this in 2010. Still, it's relevant and more important than ever. thanks for posting this so long ago.

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